Is Your Favourite
Show At Risk?

There's nothing worse than getting invested in a new TV series and finding out it's been cancelled out of the blue, especially if the last season ended on a cliffhanger. Perhaps you’ve even been so stung by a cancellation before that you're reluctant to start watching something new - but we’ve got your back. The Series Survival Scorecard, created by UK online casinos list collator CasinoCountdown, reveals the current likelihood of your favourite show getting cancelled or renewed, so you know which series are sticking around and which could end too soon...

Series Survival Scorecard was collated by the gambling review site, CasinoCountdown, to determine the likelihood of popular TV shows getting cancelled or renewed in the near future based on their similarity to previous long-running or cancelled titles. All series featured appear on IMDb’s list of popular TV shows for fair comparison and are considered successful if they ran their course, or were cancelled after at least five years. The analysis of series with upcoming seasons - either those that are about to air or have been commissioned - is limited to episodes that were broadcast at the time of data collection in early August.

Data was gathered from IMDb and analysed via a logistic regression model that yielded results with 74% accuracy to determine the likely outcome for each featured TV show. This analysis consisted of identifying each current series’ format - including years spanned, number of seasons and episode duration - and critical reception (IMDb rating, award nominations and award wins). In line with IMDb classifications, award wins were not counted in the award nominations tally. Only nominations that did not result in a win were counted as such. These metrics were then measured against those held by previously long-running and cancelled shows via the data model to calculate their similarity.

The data model calculated a percentage similarity score for each metric across both previous show categories, which yielded the overall likelihood of cancellation or renewal for the current series. Search volume and popularity sources were also instrumental to the data.