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Responsible Gambling

Online gaming like gambling in general was first conceived as a form of entertainment. Casino games must be fun and entertaining, otherwise, something’s gone wrong. Playing casino games online sure is convenient, but this convenience can lead to uncontrolled or popularly known as irresponsible gambling.

Online casinos, online casino regulatory bodies and other online gaming community members have made clear statements that online gaming should be a synonym of FUN, it must not be considered a source of income or investment of any kind.

It’s our duty to join the ranks of other responsible gaming advocates and further promote responsible gaming. CasinoCountdown.com likes to be a starting point or a crossroad that leads to fun and memorable moments.

Sure, as a casino player you’re also in for the prizes. After all, that’s the only difference between Free Play and Real Money play mode. Nevertheless, you should always keep a cool head and do not get carried away by the overwhelming excitement and what COULD happen.

How to Play Online Casino Games Responsibly – Tips & Advice

All licensed online casinos have to promote responsible gaming in one form or another. Thanks to the efforts the online gaming regulators have made in the past few years, these have become mandatory. Here are a few general tips that should give you a good idea how playing online casino games responsibly looks like.

  • Always PLAY FOR FUN, even when you’re PLAYING WITH REAL MONEY.
  • DO NOT allow Casino Games to be your ONLY source of Joy and Fun.
  • You can’t always win. Do not try to recover losses.
  • Don’t wager more than your disposable income can handle. Don’t bet more than you can afford.
  • Set deposit, wager or loss limits, The best tools currently available!
  • Time is also a resource. Set session limits, check your game history!
  • An Online Casino is a place where you have fun, not a place where problems get solved.
  • NEVER borrow money so you can play online casino games
  • Play in company of a friend or family member.
  • If you know somebody who’s got carried away, look for PROFESSIONAL assistance.
  • Do not be a facilitator of underage gambling. THIS IS AN OFFENSE.

If you follow these guidelines, we don’t want to call them rules, you’re in the safe zone.

How Do Online Casinos Promote Responsible Gaming?

Online casinos that are licensed are required to promote responsible gaming, in other words, it’s mandatory. However, even before it was made mandatory by law, there were many online casinos which proudly promoted responsible gambling, for which we salute them.

The United Kingdom has the most advanced online gaming rules and regulations, which make it an efficient and effective online gaming market. The UKGC is the main regulatory body, and the driving factor of responsible gaming in the UK, but it’s also a role model for other regulators.

Online casino operators promote responsible gambling both passively and actively. Passive actions are the information that’s displayed, carefully crafted banners which promote online gaming as a fun and entertaining activity, basically, anything that’s not directed a player specifically. Active actions are the tools provided, such as reality checks, deposit limits, loss limits and the tests that players can take themselves to see if they’re practicing responsible gaming.

Here are the most common measures we think you should know about:

  • Self-Exclusion – It’s considered to be an extreme measure by many, but we have to agree that it’s much needed in some cases. Are you having a bad spree? Do you think you might break your principles? Has online gaming done harm to you in any way? You can self-exclude yourself. Upon taking this action, you will not be allowed to play in a given casino, or a casino group.
  • Deposit & Session Limits – These are probably the best tools players have at their disposal, along with wager and loss limits. In simple words, once you set these limits, you can relax and enjoy your favorite casino games as much as you please. The limits you’ve preset will take good care of you. However, make sure they’re not too loose.
  • Reality Check – They’re great for slot players, but they can also come in handy for poker players and other table game players. A notification window pops up with a message reminding you how long have you been playing. These can be customized, and some show the amount you’ve wagered or how much you’ve won/lost.
  • Access to Game History – It might sound counterintuitive, or at the very least, unnecessary, but an overview of your game history, how much you’ve played, what you’ve played and for how long has a positive effect and definitely is in line with responsible gaming.
  • Responsible Gaming Self-test –  It’s better to prevent than to treat. This applies to many things, including risky behavior such as excessive gambling. You can find a number of different tests, which, although not clear-cut, will point you in some direction, if you’re playing online casino like a responsible adult.
  • Protection of Minors and Vulnerable Individuals – Underage gaming was tackled with the latest wave of regulations which took place mid 2017, which directly affected advertising and removing any pop culture references, or content that might be appealing to children. Only 18+ individuals are allowed to join online casinos. This is one of the reasons why online casinos require personal identification documents.
  • Informing the Casino Players about the Potential Problem – There are casino players that are not aware of the issue. There are people who don’t take it seriously.

Official Responsible Gaming Bodies

Since the moment online gaming has become relevant a number of responsible gaming organizations emerged. Many countries have their own national organizations that promote responsible gaming practices. There are a few which have an international presence. We can even say that they have a global influence.

In case you feel the need for professional guidance, or you need to consult, do not hesitate to reach out to any of these. It doesn’t necessarily need to be you, it can be a friend, a relative or maybe another online casino player you’ve met on an online platform, seek help immediately. As always, CasinoCountdown is always available to you in case you have any kind of question or assistance regarding online gaming in general, including responsible gaming. We will be happy to assist!

Responsible Gambling in the UK

As part of the UKGC efforts to raise awareness of the threats of gambling, CasinoCountdown wants to show support as well. The community, as a whole, including operators, players and other community members have to stand together and make online casinos a safer place. A place, where players can relax and enjoy the thrills of casino games, without putting any individuals or families in danger.

Responsible Gambling Week - 2020

In 2020, the efforts toward responsible gambling continue stronger than ever. Each year, a special week is set out to highlighting the efforts of assisting people with gambling addiction, and preventing it from forming in the first place. It is called the Safer Gambling Week, and it is a nation-wide effort across the United Kingdom and Ireland. The week also encompasses special events, and training programs. 

By clicking the following link, you can learn more about Safer Gambling Week.

only spend what you can afford

The advice, helplines and numerous third-party organizations dedicated to responsible gambling are an invaluable asset. However, the UK is one of the best markets for players because regulations put control in the hands of players. Namely, each player at every single UK online casino can set a deposit limit, self-exclude or request a time out. 

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Many UK gaming sites go beyond the call of duty. They put complete control in the hands of players, making it virtually impossible to spend outside your means. This way, gambling can be a permanent hobby and a entertaining past-time. We are taking about the much-valued loss limits, session limits and wager limits. These, in combination with deposit limits, are the ultimate tools that we believe every player should have at every casino. 

Safer Gambling Week is a continuous effort to push the the entire industry toward customer protection and safeguarding vulnerable players. The future is bright. And remember, if you ever need assistance, countless of independent, free organizations are at your disposal. You can also reach out to us at anytime through our contact web form and we will do everything in our power to help.