New VS. Old Online Casinos – Pros & Cons

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Online Gaming as an Eco System

The online gaming market is like any other. If there’s a demand for a particular range of games, operators stand forward and provide the supply to fill the gap. In addition, the online gaming player base keeps growing, expanding, diversifying, becoming more complex to service and comfort all players.

As the number of players, the number of online casinos keeps on growing as well. One of the most difficult decisions new players have to do is should they join a new online casino that’s been launched recently, or join a well-established online casino with a strong presence and reputation to uphold.

In our opinion, the player knows best. After all, the player knows his personal preferences and needs. However, in order to make your decision easier, we’ve created this in-depth guide that will surely be of use to you. It’s important to know what you can expect down the road.

New Online Casinos

The ultimate question, “How to identify what casinos are new online casinos?” As long as there isn’t any information in regards to first-hand experiences and we can’t put a finger on if the casino is good or bad, it’s safe to consider the online casino as being new.

Usually, it takes between 6 months and 1 year to have some idea of the casino’s qualities. Casinos that manage to stay in operation beyond the 2-year threshold, slowly, but surely they can be tagged as well-established online casinos.

New online casinos and well-established as well, come with a set of their own pros and cons. You should base your decision on the below-listed points we’ve made.

Pros of Joining a New Online Casino

  • State of the Art Interface and Features
    Since the casino is launched recently, the operator had access to the latest technology. The design is modern looking, and all features of the online casino are handpicked to deliver the best possible online gaming experience.
    Unsurprisingly, these casinos look more demanding, but instead, they optimized to be compatible with all devices, both desktop and mobile, and to require less bandwidth.
  • More Lucrative Welcome Bonuses
    People who’ve recently joined the online gaming audience might not be aware of this, but it’s a fact that new online casinos tend to be more generous in the early stages. A few years ago, new online casinos started offering welcome packages that include both bonus money and free spins. This is one of the indicators that make it easy to identify a progressive online casino that keeps evolving and adapting.
  • Fresh Content
    Some online casinos set up their online gaming libraries and leave them that way. No updates, no additions, zero. Eventually, these casinos become a thing of the past. New online casinos guarantee access to the latest game releases. By the time you get used to the surroundings, new games are already added, which leads us to the next point.
  • Dynamic Setting
    It’s no secret that new online casinos have high player turnover. However, since they’re still small, they have the ability to change quickly, adapt and overcome any challenges in front of them. These might include, but not limited to, changes in welcome bonuses, changes in the interface, revamping of the entire banking and promotions section etc. Believe it or not, this is an advantage, mainly because an updated online casino usually means better service.
  • Ability to Get Things Right the First Time
    Starting from scratch is more affordable than, say a well-established casino was to redesign its entire layout. Throughout its existence, an operator gathers information what works and what simply doesn’t. They can put this information to good use and come up with a cutting edge interface, design, and content that can meet the needs of all types of players. Certain online casino operators go the distance to provide tailor-made gaming environments for players from a number of target markets.

Cons of Joining a New Online Casino

  • Privacy Issues
    The problem with privacy and privacy protection came to light just a few years ago. Once people realized who and what kind of information gathers, things went south. When you register at a new online casino you provide the operator with your full personal details and banking information. Despite having SSL encryption and other security protocols, if you’re dealing with a rogue online casino, somebody will benefit from the access to your personal and banking information.
  • Security Threats
    By security threats, we mean having your money stolen, literally. Although highly unlikely, there are rogue casinos which prey on players who are unaware of their lengthy terms and conditions. In case you breach any of the terms, you can be charged huge fees or simply have your money confiscated.
    Bear in mind, the security threats have been brought to a minimum, mainly because of the online gaming community’s dedication to expunging it.
  • Fairness Concerns
    This is different than the previous two because it’s related to the reliability of the games. Is the RNG certified? Is the RNG audited regularly and by an independent entity? Is the game genuine or they are pirated? These questions are not easy to answer, because they all require extra time and effort. New online casinos run by new online casino operators are trying to cut costs in the early stages. Paying for an audit and obtaining a certificate means extra costs that the operator is discouraged to pay.
  • Malfunctions
    Malfunctions void all wins”. This term is included in every T&C in every single casino. Imagine this, the casino was launched 2 weeks ago and their system is still glitchy and errors occur frequently. Now, imagine you win a jackpot, but due to a malfunction, your win is voided. This hurts big time. It’s one of the most severe drawbacks of joining a new online casino.

Old/ Well-established Online Casinos

Well-established casinos are home of the majority of online casino players. They hold the core share of players and they are adamant about it. They have the resources, the experience, the manpower to keep it this way. Like their younger counterparts, older or well-established casinos also come with their own perks and drawbacks.

Some of these have nothing to do with the player experience directly, but in general, players are affected by them. Without further ado, here’s what you can expect as a new player from a well-established online casino.

Pros of Joining an Old/Well-Established Online Casino

  • You Get What You See
    It’s plain, simple, you get what you see. Online casinos that have been online for years, even decades, have been audited time and time again. The interface, the design of the casino has been reworked so many times, the operator can’t make any further improvements.
    These casinos have no problems with liquidity, ergo they can pay out large amounts of money. What is advertised on the site is always true. They have nothing to hide. After all, they’ve been online and they’ve been successful for years.
  • You Know What You can Expect based on Past Player Experiences
    Access to information of this kind can shift the player’s decision what casino to join. However, this kind of information is available only when dealing with well-established casinos. New online casinos are still comforting their first players who have not yet had any bad experiences. Furthermore, they still cannot form a positive opinion, because they’re still playing there and they haven’t withdrawn their entire funds.
  • Games are Audited and Certified Numerous Times
    In order to stand out from the casinos who have already obtained RNG certificates, online casinos are going public, providing essential information, including how much they’ve profited, what the overall RTP is, etc. However, the most important part is that all of their games are carefully monitored and are audited on a regular basis, usually on a monthly basis.
  • Attractive VIP & Loyalty Programs
    Their experience taught them, they should reward loyal and active players. Yes, you will receive a special offer if you’re inactive for a couple of weeks, but that’s it. VIP players as they’re referred to, see most attention and the most benefits from well-established casinos. These VIP programs can be overly bureaucratic and might require from players to be part of their community for months, or deposit thousands of $/€/£ before they’re provided access to exclusive bonus deals, dedicated customer support and priority withdrawals. We must admit, it pays to be part of a well-established casino with a lucrative and alluring VIP program.
  • Complete Game Collections
    Throughout the years, these casinos have accumulated diverse casino games, which result in one thing only, complete game collections. Besides abundant slot game portfolios, these casinos offer different versions of all table games, such as Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Poker among others. Live Casinos are also a thing, but we cannot put this here, because many new online casinos have their very own live dealer games from day one.
    It can go either way!
  • Highest Level of Security & Privacy Protection
    The license they hold is just the first line of defence players have. These huge online casinos with thousands of employees are public entities. There’s much on the line for them and leaving anything to chance is not an option. They are subject to strict corporate governance, privacy policies and lastly, they have a reputation to uphold. If you’re worried about the security of your money and your privacy, join a well-established online casino.

Cons of Joining an Old/Well-Established Online Casino

  • Potentially Outdated Design & Interface
    As we said, there are big cons that come with playing in a well-established online casino. First and foremost, the interface and the overall design of the casino can be outdated. Poor design means the casino does not perform as it should on all devices with smartphones being at the forefront.
    However, big-time operators are making efforts to stay up to date with technological trends. Once revamped, you may not even recognize the casino if the logo is removed.
  • Customer Support is not Personalized
    It sounds unclear and here’s our best explanation. For example, if you happen to contact the customer support of a recently established online casino, the customer support is eager to help you out and fully resolve your query. You are a person, a new player to them. They’re trying their best. On the other side, big online casinos deal with tens of thousands of players on a daily basis. The player is a number at the end of the day. Sometimes it’s better to be part of a smaller community.
  • Infrequent Updates in Terms of Content
    Infrequent or non-existent. There are online casinos that stick to one or two casino game providers and they have no intention to add more games. This is probably the main reason why casino players who are seeking for fresh content leave these casinos. Nothing is changing and it’s human nature to look for more, to explore any unchartered territories. In all honesty, we think that any player should be provided access to high numbers of games, mainly because the quantity breeds quality.
  • Rigid Governance
    Let’s say that you’ve encountered an out of the ordinary issue that does not come up on a regular basis. It will not be resolved. You’re just one fish in the sea for the casino. The best-case scenario is you will have your money refunded. Afterwards, the casino adds another term in its already lengthy T&C. Now imagine how many issues of this sort have emerged in the past decade. Basically, you cannot reach common grounds with a well-established casino, whereas, if say you’re playing in a new online casino, it’s easier to come to an agreement.
    Note, if the problem you’re dealing with is already included in the T&C the casino will prevail because all decisions made by the casino are final.

Final Verdict

Final summation, there’s no best online casino. It all comes to personal preferences. Players who like to play one or two games on a daily basis and these are the only games they enjoy playing, a well-established casino is the way to go. Players who always look for something new, a new generous welcome bonus or a new gaming setting will find what they’re looking for in new online casinos.

The lesson of the day is, have fun. That’s what’s most important when it comes to online gaming. However, don’t forget to choose your casinos carefully. Make sure they’re licensed, regulated and they provide audited and RNG tested online casino games.

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