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We got an exclusive opportunity to walk the office of the marvelous Casumo Casino. Their team, the atmosphere in which they’re working, the people who work there are absolutely amazing. Casumo is run by young, capable people who are open-minded and ready to tackle any challenge that might come in their way. Besides keeping everything in the best shape possible, they are the innovators that never fail to surprise us.

We felt the Casumo vibe as soon as we got on their premises. Aleksandar Stosic, our host, walked us around the office, introduced us to his co-workers and told us more about Casumo Casino. A lot of novelties await. If you’re not part of the Casumo community you better do it right away. It’s a wonderful gaming environment. It truly is a privilege to play at Casumo.

Without further a due, here’s what we talked about with Aleksandar Stosic, affiliate manager at Casumo Casino.

  1. How did you become part of Casumo, Aleksandar? 

Aleksandar: It was a very fortunate set of circumstances, I worked as an Affiliate with Casumo before and our paths simply crossed. I am very excited and proud to be a part of the Casumo team.

  1. What’s the most memorable moment you’ve been a part of at Casumo?

Aleksandar: Ability to make a difference.



  1. What’s the most popular game at Casumo Casino?

Aleksandar: It can vary from market to market, but I would say Starburst for most of them.


  1. Considering the language options of Casumo, including English, German, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish, is the Scandinavian peninsula as one of your prime target markets? And on top of this, can we expect new languages being added any time soon?

Aleksandar: Scandinavia, UK and Germany are Casumo’s core markets. We are focusing on a large scale of our efforts and resources.


Regarding the new languages, at Casumo we always strive to innovate, but for the time being, I don’t have any additional information on this matter.


  1. Progressive Jackpot Slots are very popular among passionate slot players. Has any of your players won a spectacular life-changing jackpot?

Aleksandar: Certainly yes, they are very popular. We had two huge Jackpot at Casumo. In 2014 after a few spins only, the Finnish lucky player hit the jackpot and saw a massive €3.3 million.


This year one of our players got a strike of luck as well. Players from the UK won €2.7 million on the third spin. The best thing is that it happened playing Mega Fortune touch on Casumo mobile.

For the progressive jackpots, more big wins can be found on Casumo Blog.


  1. What do you think is the backbone of Casumo’s success so far? What do you think Casumo needs to thrive even further?


Aleksandar: Through combining a technical approach and constant innovation to gaming with the power of great advertising and illustrations, Casumo has begun its journey to erase boredom. Additionally, our way of providing a casino adventure like none other is what keeps us from standing out of the crowd.


  1. What’s the main feature your players often find convenient? And on the other hand, what’s the most common issue that your players complain about, if there is any you can point out?


Aleksandar: I must say Reel Races that were recently added as a new feature on-site. They create additional value and excitement and have become an instant hit. Most of our customer contacts are about extra bonuses and free spins. Some can be disappointed if they don’t get any.


  1. Certain online casinos have made attempts to introduce virtual reality to the online gaming market. What do you think about this bold move and can we expect to see Virtual Reality Casumo Casino?


Aleksandar: We’ve taken this one step further already when Casumo was launched almost 4 years ago. Who needs a virtual reality when we let you play in a parallel universe where anything, even the unlikely, is possible? 


  1. Do you have anything else to say regarding the development of the iGaming industry or anything else in general regarding online gaming?


Aleksandar: It’s becoming more and more important to stand out, believe in your vision and broaden your horizons. The competition is harder than ever and changing legislation keeps the industry on its toes. But we certainly haven’t shown all our cards yet. Have you?


We honestly hope that on our next visit, we’re going to see an even better Casumo Casino. It already is a staple, a leader in the online gaming market. However, we have reasonable arguments to know for sure that Casumo will grow further, reaching unprecedented proportions. In the meantime, happy gaming!

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