Blazing Jackpot Out of the Blue

In News by on July 23, 2015

Curiosity can often lead to great surprises. Without expecting anything in return a whole big deal can get back to you. Agneta from Gothenburg was the lucky one to be led by this curiosity to an enormous €4,583,260/ £3,189,040 Jackpot. And she won this prize by playing the Mega Fortune Dreams slot game at LeoVegas Casino, on her iPad.

She was spending her time on one of the Gothenburg ferries with her family. Relaxing, having some quality time with her dearest, couldn’t be any better. It turns out it could’ve and it did!

Recently before she went on the ferry she had opened an account with LeoVegas to try out some of their games during her free time. Fortunately, she had her iPad with her and wanted to show to one of her sons what it’s all about. He liked it a lot so they made couple of bets, spin the reels few times.
Then, something happened. While having fun they won €321/£223, a convenient amount of money earned by having fun, spending your time with your family on a ferry. At this point a lot of people would back off and cash out, but Agneta made the call and decided to go further.

You don’t stop when you’re having fun. On top of this her puppy couldn’t fall asleep and was a bit hyperactive. It was one of the reasons to continue playing the slot game with her son. This series of fortunate events laid the grounds for a life changing experience. Her bet was set to €4.25/ £2.98 at this time. The reels spin and the symbols got in line. She triggered the bonus wheel of fortune which is a part of the Mega Fortune Dreams slot game. And it happened!

She won the Mega Jackpot. If she was telling someone what just had happened nobody would believe her. She became a millioner by having fun, playing a slot game on her iPad while spending quality time with one of her sons, on a ferry. She had the chance and she took it.

Her now favorite game, Mega Fortune Dreams made her a rich in few hours of fun time. She is going to share the money with her sons, but she will enjoy in them too. Maybe travel around the world and get herself a new car. It’s never too late to have fun, even seniors can do it.

Don’t get your hopes down. Agneta didn’t take the entire prizes home. LeoVegas Casino has another huge surprise for you. It’s the Mega Moolah Jackpot and it’s really big. Currently it amounts to roughly €8,100,000 and you can be the next winner. All you need to do is open an account at LeoVegas and start playing the game. Enjoy in it and be eligible for this prize that can change your life. You can start playing right away, get your tablet, phone or just use your computer; it doesn’t make a difference as long as you are comfortable with it.