Santa's Christmas Slot Review

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Maximum Jackpot: 200,000

Santa’s Christmas – Make it Yours!

It's not the usual slot you see daily. Actually, Santa's Christmas isn't even a slot. It's closer to a scratch card, considering there are no reels. Instead, each of the positions on the symbol grid represents a scratch cards field you should reveal. Even the illusion of slot games is not present.

Nevertheless, NetoPlay’s clients are proudly boasting it as a slot game. There are so many wrong things here, but we’re going to elaborate on all of them in this Santa’s Christmas slot review, again, it’s not a slot. For the sake of consistency, we will refer to some of these elements as slot features, because we see them at genuine slots.

Slot Information

Santa's Christmas Details
House Edge: 0.00% Return to player: 100.00%
Autospin: No Softwares: no download - instant play, mobile
Released: NA Min Bet: 0.5
Max Bet: 10 Scatters: No
Gamble: No Max Coins: 1
Reels: 3 Paylines: 8
Spins: No Bonus Rounds: Yes
Wild: No Software: NetoPlay
Santa's Christmas comparison
Santa's Christmas AVG
Rating: 2.0 4.2
House Edge: 0.00 % 3.68 %
Return to player: 100.00 % 96.32 %
Paylines: 8 25.0
Bonus Features: 1 3.6

Santa’s Christmas Slot Game Details and Wager Limits

On paper, Santa’s Christmas has 3 rows and 3 columns of symbols. However, we can’t say that it’s a matter of 3 reels, because all of the symbols are revealed individually, ergo, no reels in there. It also has an “odd” number of paylines, 8 to be exact. This doesn’t make any sense and is nowhere near what we consider “traditional slot principles”.

The bet value, or better said, the card value can be in the range of €/$0.50 and €/$10. There's nothing special about it, and the settings are rather straightforward. That said, you should press on the left arrow to reduce the bet amount, and the right one to increase it — the top prize changes based on the card value.

The return to play is not made public. Although this is not a significant concern, considering it's not a very popular slot, players who choose to play it, might be worried. It is a red flag, nevertheless. We can't say much about the game, just because Santa's Christmas is so limited in basically all areas. It is definitely not winning any best slot of the year awards!

Game Design and Rules of Santa’s Christmas

Besides the fast-shifting symbols that occur only when you "spin" the reels, there are no other moving elements. Even the audio is underwhelming. This all leads to one thing, dated game engine and casino platform. The competition has stomped the few online casinos that offer NetoPlay games. With limited resources, they can't do much. Also, since this is a Flash-based game, it's only a matter of time before it goes offline. Another alternative might be a download client, which have become rather unpopular with casino players in recent times.

All symbols follow the theme, and we didn’t see any generic ones. However, this is only one piece of the puzzle. The design of the game has to work seamlessly with the platform and tap into its full potential.

According to us, this is the moment when we suggest way better alternatives for Santa’s Christmas by NetoPlay. We're pretty sure you will enjoy A Christmas Carol Slot or even Secret Santa by Microgaming. The latter, in particular, comes with 7 Mystery Bonus Features. It is by far one of the best Christmas slots you will ever find in the upcoming few years. The only thing that can dethrone it is a major platform update.

Santa’s Christmas Bonus Games

We’re not sure if we can point it out as a bonus feature, but you can “scratch-off” one of the fields, next to the “quasi reels”. It reveals a value, which we're still not quite sure about. To make matters worse, there's no explanation of what it's supposed to do. What is this value? How does it affect the cash balance? Can it affect the base game in any way? Clearly a huge misstep on NetoPlay’s end. Also, not even the online casinos have tried to make things clear.

After very detailed research, we concluded that this "scratch" area is what determines the win amount. Regardless of what happens in these “symbol positions”, you still get to win a prize determined on a simple scratch to reveal field.

Santa’s Christmas Review Summary – Major Disappointment

Our unbiased recommendation for you, look for a different slot. Santa's Christmas cannot lure in or keep a player excited for more than a couple of minutes. By the moment you realise that nothing thrilling will happen, no matter how many times you scratch off the symbols, you’ve already lost a considerable amount of money. Our Santa’s Christmas slot review might come off as vague, and in some instances even blunt, but that’s because there’s not much to talk about it. It’s sort of a filler for the Christmas period.

Santa's Christmas Slot FAQs

Who produced Santa’s Christmas slot?
Santa’s Christmas is produced by NetoPlay, a provider once very popular among passionate scratch card players. Nowadays, it’s just a filler for casino game hoarders. We see no reason why a Christmas slot player would ever opt for a game of this kind.
Is Santa’s Christmas a slot or a scratch card?
It encompasses elements of both a slot game and a scratch card. Online casinos that offer Santa's Christmas put it in both categories. This is wrong on so many levels because there are different rules. However, since the game at hand has only a few rules, it's easy to put it in both categories. Then again, nothing is exciting about it that would steal our attention or the popular vote.
What are the best alternatives to Santa’s Christmas by NetoPlay?
Any Christmas-themed slot games coming from the likes of NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech, will do a fantastic job. They outclass Santa's Christmas slot by NetoPlay in all areas. Among others, we’d like to point A Christmas Carol, Secret Santa and Fruit Shop Christmas Edition.

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