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The I-Slots offers the player to take on an adventure besides gambling. They get introduced to a whole new world where they can move freely at their own will. Along the way they might get to play other mini-games which can reward them with different types of bonuses.
The introduction consists of a mini video clip which will show the player what the theme is about and what his goals are regarding the journey, the adventure part. As he proceeds further into the game he/she gets rewarded with additional video clips and as we already said with the so called mini-games.

Types of i-Slots

Made on the principles their predecesors have the iSlots vary in terms of what they can offer. They can be multi-line, multi-reel while offering astounding player experience.
The gambling part is the same, the rules are the same, however, being in an adventure and playing 5 Reel Slots like a cowboy can be more exciting than just pressing one button. This is the reason why the i-Slots are so appealing to the people who prefer the game to offer something new each time they play it depending on the course of action they choose to undergo.
The interactive part is what makes this type of games stand out and to attract particular player base that over time has stayed loyal to the i-Slots.


Since the theme can be virtually anything, so can the mini-games you get to play be anything as long as it is in line with the theme implemented. You play the mini-game and depending on your performance your bonus payout can increase. Some examples of what the requirements can be as simple as just to spin a reel to pinpoint a hole on a golf course.
Because this type of slots offer a great deal more than other types do, the i-Slots can easily become your favorite slot game. Pick the game that offers the adventure of your taste and unveil the joy of an adventurous experience.

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