Best Online Slots Reviews | 2018

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Slot machines are the most popular games at online casinos. They were first introduced in the late 19th century, and ever since the demand has been high for this source of entertainment and potentially – money. Following the rise of online casinos, slots followed in similar fashion, they have grown to be more accessible and more diverse than ever. There are literally thousands of slots available online today, they all follow various themes, rules, payouts, bonus conditions, and so on. However, slots are primarily separated into several types.

  • Classic Slots feature a more classic approach, usually boasting 3 reels and fewer paylines, therefore they are not met with such frequency as Video Slots.
  • Video Slots are the most common type among online casinos, and they usually feature 5 reels and 25 paylines. Video Slots are incredibly diverse, most of them feature a good number of ways to win via Scatters, Wilds and Bonus Rounds.
  • Progressive Slots are not different from Video Slots in terms of mechanics, however for each bet wagered by players, the jackpot increases in accord. Jackpots tend to reach numbers over $1.000.000. If you want to pursue that lucky jackpot win, you have the biggest chances of doing so if you bet the maximum on each spin.

Slots among online casinos are huge in numbers, you can find slots that allow you to bet for as low as €0.01 per spin, or as high as €250 per spin. Because of their strength in numbers, Video Slots follow various themes such as: TV shows, movies, mythology, adventure and many, many more. Most modern slot machines have excellent graphics and audio qualities, in order to bring out the entertainment value, which is a big factor as to why slots are so popular today.

The demand of slots among players has inspired industry leading gaming suppliers to craft new types of slots on a regular basis. New slot machines keep improving in quality as time goes on, in terms of visuals and audio, as well as winning possibilites. If you’re on unsure on where to start as a new player, you can’t miss by trying out mega popular slots by NetEnt or Microgaming such as Thunderstruck, Spinata Grande or Starburst.

As always, Casino Bonuses Countdown will review slots in an objective manner, as you can see for yourself below, summarizing the goods and bads of a certain slot machine, bringing out its mechanics and payout ranges, so you can make an informed decision on where to wager your real or bonus money. Addittionally, our site merges slots and casinos in order for you to find the perfect match; a good welcome bonus which can be wagered on your favorite slot at an online casino of your choice. Make your selection below, and spin away!  

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