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The Roulette originated in France in the 1790s. From its creation it the next 10 years it passes through several changes until it gets the form that is used today. The game attracted a lot of attention because of the excitement it had to offer and the vague odds.

In French “La Roulette” means little wheel, and that is just one part of it. It consists of a table that has all the numbers you can find on the wheel. The numbers are from 0 to 36 with some versions have a double zero on them making it a total of 38 fields.

How it works

There are various ways in which you can bet on a roulette game. The possibilities are virtually endless. Pick the one you think is in your favor. The types of bets you can place are the following:

  • Straight/Single – One number bet

  • Split – Bet on two numbers

  • Street – Bet on three numbers in one horizontal line

  • Square/Corner – Bet on four numbers in a square layout. Chip is placed in the center intersection.

  • Six Line – A mix of a Street bet and Split, except it is with two Streets.

  • Basket/ Non-square layout – 4 number bet that does not depend on the position of the field on the wheel.

  • 1-18/ Manqué – Bet on the first 18 numbers.

  • 19-36/ Passé – Bet on the latter 18 numbers.

  • Red or Black – Bet on the color of the field.

  • Even or odd- A bet on even or odd number excluding the zero.

  • Dozen Bets- Bet on the first 12 numbers, 13-24 or 24-36

  • Column Bet- A bet on all 12 numbers that are in a single vertical line.

The croupier will ask of you to place your bet. He will then spin the wheel and you will still have some time to place your bet. Once he/she says “No more bets” all further bets are void.

Current Bonuses
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A lot of casinos offer different kinds of bonuses that can be used playing Roulette. Of course, some may require certain criteria in order to be claimed.