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This type of games is so old that we can’t identify its origins for sure, but more about that later. The lottery is among the most popular type of games, also referred to as lotto. Most likely you’ve heard of your local or national lottery, usually governed by the government. Even in its ancient beginnings, it was used to gather money to fund local “projects” for the public good. The lottery is the ancestor of other popular games like Bingo and Keno. Both employ the same principle, but the rules differ enough to have them put in a different category.

How to Play the Lotto Online

Players are required to select numbers from a given range, in most cases up to 50, however, other more competitive lotto games might require the player to choose numbers from a bigger pool of numbers. Regardless if there’s a winner or not, the game ends. This is the main difference between the lottery or the lotto and the bingo.

How many numbers should you choose? Most lottos require players to choose between 5 and 7 numbers. This is how lottos usually get their name, for example Lotto 6/49 or 5/47. There are lotteries which accumulate great jackpots that can reach never before seen amounts. These jackpots cannot be compared with progressive slot jackpots like Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah, because they’re 100 bigger than slot jackpots.

Types of Lottery

We can’t distinguish lotteries that easy, because they’re pretty much identical with a couple of changes to the rules and the prize distribution. The only difference we can point out is the numbers that are in play and how many numbers the player should choose. Furthermore, we’ve seen special “jackpot” conditions that must be met to win the jackpot, however, these terms are rather rare. It can be compared with triggering the special bonus feature in a progressive jackpot slot game.

The advent of the internet revolutionized how we play the lottery. Online lottery is a thing, and it’s a big thing. You can play the lottery from the comfort of your home, take part in local, national and international lotteries.

Most Popular Lotteries in the World

US Powerball

Literally the most popular lottery in the world is the Powerball. It is the current record holder of having distributed the biggest lottery jackpot in the history. The Powerball is the most popular in the USA, but in recent years, it started to expand its reach, both to the North and to the South. The record breaking Powerball jackpot amounted to $1,600,000,000.


European lottery player enjoy the biggest EU lottery called EuroMillions. Players from the entire European Union compete twice per week to win the spectacular EuroMillions jackpot. The largest ever recorded EuroMillions jackpot is €190,000,000.


The US equivalent of the EuroMillions is MegaMillions. It’s the fiercest and the sole competitor of the Poweball. The largest MegaMillions jackpot distributed was $656,000,000 back in 2012.

Online Lottery - The Future of the Lottery

There are lottery players who put in a lot of effort to come up with the perfect system that will work with any lottery. The reality is totally different. There’s no system that will magically bring you the jackpot. It’s a textbook game of chance.

Online lottery allows players to access any information regarding past draws, what are the most frequent numbers that occur, what numbers you should avoid, etc. In addition, players can buy tickets with a few clicks only. You can even buy lottery tickets with your smartphone and your tablet. Should you play the lottery online? The answer is “absolutely yes!”

Online Casino Games vs. Online Lottery

If you happen to be a passionate casino game player you will find the lottery as odd and not lucrative enough for your taste. Games like blackjack and roulette give you higher odds of winning, whereas the lottery forces you to rely on common sense and pure luck.

 You can increase your chances of winning by in-depth analysis, which is time consuming, or by buying more lottery tickets, which is cost inefficient. Keno and Bingo are more time efficient and flexible lottery alternatives. On top of this, Bingo guarantees there will be a winner, whereas Keno gives you more chances to win a prize, not necessarily a jackpot.

Playing the lottery is similar to progressive jackpot video slots. You’re in the game for that one big prize that can change your life. It takes time, money and a lot of dedication!

Buy Lottery Tickets Online – It Saves You Time and Money

The internet revolutionized how lottery players buy lottery tickets, how they come up with the combinations, and how they claim their prizes. In essence, the Internet changed the lottery to its very core. The only thing that’s kept intact are the game rules. We recommend to always buy lottery tickets online, because it saves you time and money. How?

For starters, by buying your tickets online, and buying them in bulk, you can benefit from discounts. Some ticket resellers incentivize their customers by offering free lottery tickets if they buy more lottery tickets. This kind of deals are totally worth it!

And how does buying lottery tickets online save you time? Instead of going out of your way to buy your lottery tickets, to store them in a safe place, and go through them once the results are in, just buy your lottery tickets at the licensed resellers listed on this page! Not only you’re going to be able to handle larger quantities of lottery tickets, but you’re also going to have a better insight in statistics and what you should do next to improve your overall returns.

Can I Play the US Powerball or the EuroMillion if I’m not from the US and the EU Respectively?

It’s a long and complex question, and the answer can be confusing as well. Big, well-established lottery ticket retailers have come up with a unique way of giving lottery players the opportunity to enjoy the most popular lotteries, the likes of the US Powerball and EuroMillions.

Instead of buying lottery tickets from the reseller, if you’re from a country where lottery is illegal, or you’re not allowed to buy lottery tickets for the lottery you’re showing interest, you’re actually betting on the outcome. If you have all numbers correct, the company will pay the amount in full! You’ll notice terms such as BET ON THE LOTTERY, instead of PLAY THE LOTTERY. Also, you might come across lottery games instead of lottery tickets. At this time we can recommend only two online lottery resellers, Lottoland and TheLotter!

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