Best Lotto Sites in 2021

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Lotteries are one of the world’s most popular and accessible forms of gambling, with millions of people across the world participating in them every day. The internet and the spread of mobile devices has meant that even more people can play lotteries now, with national boundaries becoming increasingly irrelevant when it comes to purchasing tickets.

We’ll take a closer look at lotteries here, and how you can play them wherever you are in the world. You can find out about lottery websites, and how to go about choosing the best one. Read on to discover all you need to know about playing lotteries online!

Top Online Lottery Websites

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The critical thing to remember about playing lotteries these days is that you do not need to be a resident of the country where the lottery is based to play it. If you register an account with a legitimate lottery website, you can play lotteries from almost anywhere in the world. The key is picking a properly licensed and regulated website.

If you’re wondering how playing a lottery works on one of these websites, here is a handy, step-by-step process for you to follow:

  1. Register an account with one of our recommended sites.
  2. Choose the country you want to play in.
  3. Choose which of that country’s lotteries you want to play.
  4. Select your numbers.
  5. Check the draw results.
  6. Collect any winnings you might have accrued.

It is that simple. There is no need to have to head out to a licensed retailer to purchase a ticket. You also do not need to prove residency in the relevant country. Your online account is a passport to a world of great lottery entertainment.

There is also a second model that many lottery sites follow; they do not purchase tickets on your behalf. Instead, they allow you to bet on the outcome of lotteries. This is a slightly different experience of buying tickets that enable you to participate in a lottery.

In the next section of this guide, we will take a closer look at how these websites work, and which ones are the best for you to choose.

Legitimate Online Lotteries – Powered by Ticket Distributors

The best way to play lotteries from overseas is to use legitimate websites that are powered by ticket distributors. There are a number of these, which use a proxy in the relevant country to purchase your ticket.

They will then usually offer to send you a scan of your ticket so that you can see if it is legitimate. You can also have your prize money paid into your account at the website you have used, or they will make arrangements for your prize to be sent to you, or for you to collect it.

Here are some of the top legitimate websites where you can purchase tickets for a massive selection of lotteries from across the world.


TheLotter is one of the world’s top lottery websites. Founded in 2002, and based in Malta, The Lotter claims that it was the world’s first lottery messenger service. The site works by buying tickets via proxy for its users in the country in which the lottery they want to play is based. Copies of the ticket are then scanned and sent to the customer’s account so they can check that it is legitimate.

If you sign up for an account at TheLotter, you will receive automatic result notifications. All prizes are paid out free from any commission too, so you will always receive what you are supposed to get when it comes to prizes.

At TheLotter you can buy tickets for over 50 of the world’s biggest lotteries. These include Euromillions, US Powerball, Eurojackpot, Mega Millions and SuperEnalotto. You can purchase standard tickets and play on your own, play as a part of a syndicate, or combine the two options in one of the many bundle options TheLotter offers.


MultiLotto was founded in 2012 and is based in Malta. It holds a licence from the UK Gambling Commission, which guarantees its legality and fairness. The site offers players the chance to test their luck on a wide range of lotteries from across the world, including Euromillions and the US Powerball.

Multilotto allows players to bet on the outcome of lotteries from all over the world. You do not have a ticket bought for you when you play at MultiLotto, but you can win big prizes by betting on the outcome of lotteries. It works in basically the same way a lottery works, but you are not participating directly in the actual lottery.

You can win the same amounts as are on offer in the various lotteries around the world, though. This is because the company’s insurers will guarantee that equal amounts of money are paid out in prizes. This makes using a site like MultiLotto an excellent option when it comes to being able to play a wide variety of lotteries from around the world.


Lottoland is based in Gibraltar and was founded in 2014 by Nigel Birrell and David Rosen. It offers players the chance to bet on over 30 different lotteries from around the world.

Like MultiLotto, LottoLand is another website where players bet on the outcomes of lotteries rather than directly participating in the lotteries. You can bet on the outcomes of many of the world’s top lotteries here, including the SuperEnaLotto, La Primitiva and the New York Lotto. In addition to being able to bet on lotteries, you can also purchase online scratch cards at  Lottoland.

Another advantage of opening an account at Lottoland is the extensive casino section. You can play some of the world’s top slots games here, including titles like Starburst and Wolf Gold. You can also play classic casino table games like roulette and blackjack, really opening up some further options for you.

Licensed Online Lottery Sites – No Compromises

When you are looking for an online lottery site, you must check the licence that the site is operating under. A licence not only means that a website is legally allowed to operate in a certain jurisdiction, but it will also guarantee that the games offered are all fair.

A licence from a body like the UK Gambling Commission guarantees a high level of security, which is reassuring for all players. All licence holders are subject to regular audits that ensure they continue to meet all the criteria of legality, fairness and security required to continue to hold the licence.

Before signing up for an account with a lottery site, it is always a good idea to check the licence that is in place at the site. You can usually find this information at the bottom of the home page, or in the site’s help section.

How to Withdraw Lottery Winnings from a Lotto Site?

Depending on the lottery platform and the amount of the winnings, there are a few ways to withdraw your winnings. In most cases, winnings up to €/£2000 are paid out via bank transfer. However, any jackpot amounts or significantly more massive winnings might require some travelling on your end. In most cases, the operator will cover the travel expenses, as long as they are reasonable. You might be reimbursed only for part of the travel expenses.

When it comes to jackpots, the real deal, the 6 or 7 digit jackpots, then your presence is mandatory. You can still stay anonymous, but you have to claim the prize yourself. Although the moment we say TAX or FEES frightens everybody, that's one of the reasons. Tax is why you claim the prize in person.

You can find more details about the method of payout of winnings in terms of Use of the lottery site, or the FAQs section. We try to cover this kind of information in our lottery reviews as well.

Traits of a Legit Online Lottery Site

The list below gives you a handy list of things that you should check before you decide to sign up for an account at a lottery website. You can check all of these things with ease on all sites that we have listed.

The table below makes it simple to see what you should be checking:

Website feature

Why you should check it


All lottery websites need to be properly licensed for you to be able to play them legally. This guarantees fairness and security, as well as meaning that they can operate legally in your country. Licensing information can usually be found in the help section, or at the bottom of the site’s homepage.


Payment methods

Every site should carry a range of convenient payment methods that you can use to deposit and withdraw funds from your account. Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards are among the safest and most reliable methods to use. Ewallets like PayPal can also be very handy, though.


Variety of lotteries

There should always be a good selection of lotteries to play at your chosen site. Not only does this increase your chances of picking up prizes, but it also helps to keep things exciting and fresh.

Clean Track Record

You should also check a lottery site’s history. Make sure they have a good reputation for paying out on time and resolving any customer complaints.

Customer Support

Always check how easy it is to contact the customer support team at a site. Live chat and email options are the bare minimum. A phone number shows that a site cares about its customers.

Detailed, Easy to Understand T&Cs

The terms and conditions of games and bonuses should always be easy to understand. If the terms and conditions are overly complicated, avoid the site.

Realistic Lottery Promotions

Promotional offers are a big part of any site’s offer to its players. Make sure that the offers provide good value and have realistic wagering requirements that allow benefiting from the bonus properly.

Mobile Lottery Sites

These days, every gambling website of any type, whether sports betting, casino or lottery, really needs to have a proper app available. The good news is that many do, which makes checking results, choosing numbers and collecting winnings a much simpler process.

Before you sign up for a site, check that they offer an app, and from where you can download it. Good lottery sites like the ones we have covered in this guide will have links on their websites from where you can download the app.

Before you download an app, though, check to see what features are available on it. A good app will do more than offer lottery results. You should be able to choose numbers, place bets, deposit funds and more on an app.

Types of Lottery Promotions

As with sports betting and online casinos, lottery players can also benefit from sign-up and other promotional bonuses at lottery sites. These bonuses can take a number of forms, and will usually offer some form of bonus credit for you to use when you play. In this section, you can find out more about the type of promotional bonuses that lottery sites offer to new and established customers.

Multi-draw Discounts

Multi-draw discounts are a straightforward form of lottery betting bonus that some lottery sites will offer to their players. They work by giving you a discount for you buying more lottery tickets in advance. The more draws over a longer period that you enter, the higher your discount will be. A typical discount is around 10% off for entering 52 weekly draws.


Often offered as a trial for new customers, subscription bonuses offer you a discount for you participating in a series of draws, with your numbers renewed each month automatically. The biggest discounts will usually be given in the first month of the subscription.

Deposit Bonuses

If you are fond of playing casino games online as well as lotteries, you will probably be familiar with the concept of a deposit bonus. This is where you make your first deposit, and the lottery website matches it with a bonus amount you can use at the site. Lottoland currently offers this type of bonus to new customers, with £10 of lottery bets on offer to any new customers who make a first deposit of at least £10 in their account.

Online Lottery Results – Provided by Lotto Sites

So how will you know if you have won or not? Well, the good thing about using specialist lottery sites is that you can check on the website for the results immediately after the draw has been made. Some lottery sites will also carry a live stream of some draws, allowing to tap into all the excitement of playing the world’s biggest lotteries.

As well as you being able to check the results of your specific draw, lottery websites will also publish the results of all other lotteries that they cover. Results of the lotteries that you have played will also appear on the dashboard of your account page.

Most Popular Lotteries in the World

In this section, we will take a closer look at some of the world’s most popular lotteries. You can test your luck in these lotteries at the sites that we have examined in more detail earlier in this guide. All of these lotteries offer excellent prizes, as well as some novel features that add to the entertainment.

US Powerball

US Powerball is one of the USA’s biggest and most popular lotteries. It is available in 44 states of the US, as well as some of America’s associated territories. You can play it from overseas by using sites like TheLotter or bet on its outcomes using sites like Lottoland.

The lottery’s numbers are drawn using two sets of balls, one white and one red. The white balls are numbered from 1 to 69 inclusive. These are the main numbers used in the draw.

There is also a set of 26 red balls that are used to determine the Powerball number. This is an additional feature of the lottery that can boost your winnings massively.

You odds of winning a prize on the US Powerball are around one in 25, which isn’t too bad at all. Prizes range from $4 for one number plus the Powerball number, or just a Powerball number, up to $1 million for five main numbers. Jackpots can be huge, and start at around $40 million.

US MegaMillions

The MegaMillions is another one of the USA’s most popular and potentially lucrative lotteries. You can play it using any of the websites that we have detailed earlier in this guide. In its structure, this lottery is pretty similar to its American cousin, Powerball.

Players have to choose five numbers from a range that runs from one to 70, as well as an additional number called the Mega Ball. Mega Ball numbers run from one to 25. You need the Mega Ball to be able to win the lottery’s jackpot prize. As you can see, that structure is very similar to how Powerball works, so if you are familiar with Powerball, this will all feel very comfortable.

The Mega Millions jackpot starts at $40 million, which is another feature it shares with Powerball. As with all lotteries, players can pick their numbers, have pre-selected favourite numbers that are used, or have their numbers chosen at random for them.


Euromillions is the biggest lottery with a rolling jackpot in Europe. It started life in 2004 in just three countries – France, Spain and the United Kingdom – but Austria, Belgium, the Republic of Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland soon joined in too.

To play this lottery, you need to pick five main numbers that run from one to 50. Players also need to select two lucky numbers from a pool of 12. These latter numbers are essential if you want to win the jackpot, in a similar way to how the two American lotteries we have described above operate.

Draws are held on every Tuesday and Friday and are streamed live on the internet for players to watch. There is also the option to enter the Super Draw, where the jackpot starts at €100 million and continues to rise until a lucky winner claims it.


Eurjackpot is a transnational European lottery that was launched in 2012. At the time of writing, it is available in Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Germany, Hungary and the Netherlands.

To play this lottery, you need to pick five numbers from a selection of 50, and another two from a range of 10. The two additional numbers can boost your prize winnings and are essential if you want to win the jackpot. At the time of writing, the jackpot stood at €10 million. Numbers are drawn on a Friday.

As with all other lotteries we have detailed here, you can choose your numbers, use quick-pick, or use your numbers every week as part of a subscription deal.

Stay Safe When Playing Lotteries Online

Another important consideration when playing lotteries online is to stay safe. Legitimate lottery sites will always have proper security in place to keep your transactions and personal data safe. But you should also make sure that you stay safe from falling prey to addictive or compulsive behaviour when playing lotteries.

Some lottery sites will allow you to set limits for your spending; if you are concerned you are spending too much. The critical thing to remember, though, is that playing lotteries should be fun. It is not something to rely on to solve financial problems, nor should you rely on it to pay your bills. If playing lotteries becomes stressful, stop playing. It should be about entertainment and excitement, not stress and frustration.

Playing Lotteries Online Has Never Been So Easy

As you can see, playing lotteries online is a straightforward and accessible process. As long as you over the legal age of gambling in your jurisdiction, you can play lotteries from all over the world. Getting an online account at a legitimate lottery site is so simple, and it can bring so many benefits.

So don’t delay, sign up at one of our recommended sites today, and start testing your luck at lotteries from all over the world!

Online Lottery Sites FAQs

How do I claim my winnings from an online lottery site?
You will be informed automatically if you win a prize on a legitimate lottery site. Smaller prizes can be paid directly into your account. How you receive larger prizes will depend on the lottery that you are playing. Still, if you need to collect a prize from abroad, arrangements will be made for you to travel by the website you have used, if necessary.
Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings from a foreign lottery?
In most cases, taxes relating to the country where the lottery is being played will have already had the tax on them paid. This does not always apply to jackpot payments, though, so some jackpot payouts may well be smaller than stated. You also need to check for yourself what the tax situation is regarding lottery wins in your country of residence. There is some divergence across the world.
How is betting on a lottery different from entering a lottery?
If you have an account at a site that is offering betting on a lottery rather than you entering a lottery, you are not directly playing that lottery. Instead, you are betting on which numbers will be drawn. Lottery betting sites do offer the same prizes in most cases as the actual lottery. Still, these funds are paid by the site, not by the lottery itself.

All Lottery Sites in the UK

  • NetBet Casino Logo
    NetBet Casino
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  • Yeti Casino Logo
    Yeti Casino
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    Deposit Bonus
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    Flag gbPlayers from United Kingdom Accepted
    New customers only. No restrictions while playing with cash. Min refund bonus is £10. Wagering on bonus is 60x. Refund bonus granted next day when 1st deposit has been lost. When playing with refund bonus max bet is £5. Eligibility is restricted for suspected abuse. Skrill and Neteller deposits excluded. #ad
  • Captain Spins Casino Logo
    Captain Spins Casino
    Flag gbPlayers from United Kingdom Accepted
    Bonus Spins
    520 Spins
    Flag gbPlayers from United Kingdom Accepted
    18+. New players only. One welcome package per player. Max bonus bet £5, Min deposit £20 1st deposit: get 100 bonus spins, 2nd Deposit: get 120 bonus spins, 3rd deposit: get 140 bonus spins, 4th deposit: get 160 bonus spins. All spins are on slot game Book of Dead only. Bonus funds must be used within 30 days and bonus spins within 7 days. Max winnings from bonus spins are equivalent to the number of spins awarded. Spins winnings credited as bonus. Bonus funds separate to Cash funds, and are subject to 35x wagering and withdrawal requirements. Full Terms Apply. #ad
  • JonnyJackpot Casino Logo
    JonnyJackpot Casino
    Flag gbPlayers from United Kingdom Accepted
    Bonus Spins
    500 Spins
    Flag gbPlayers from United Kingdom Accepted
    18+. New players only. One welcome package per player. Max bonus bet £5, Min deposit £20, 1st deposit: get 100 bonus spins, 2nd Deposit: get 75 bonus spins, 3rd deposit: get 125 bonus spins, 4th deposit: get 50 bonus spins, 5th deposit: get 150 bonus spins. All spins are on slot game Book of Dead only. Bonus funds must be used within 30 days and bonus spins within 7 days. Spins winnings credited as bonus. Bonus funds separate to Cash funds, and are subject to 35x wagering and withdrawal requirements. Terms Apply. #ad
  • Ladbrokes Casino Logo
    Ladbrokes Casino
    Flag gbPlayers from United Kingdom Accepted
    Deposit Bonus
    500% up to £50
    Flag gbPlayers from United Kingdom Accepted
    18+. New Casino players only. Deposit required. Min stake £10 on qualifying games. 40x wager reqs (bonus only) on selected games. 24hrs to accept. Bonus valid for 48hrs. Certain deposit types excluded. Bets covering >70% of Roulette table excluded. T&Cs Apply. Gamble Responsibly - #ad