Craps is a table casino game which involves betting on the outcome given by throwing two dices. It is one of those games that can put the player in state of excitement in a very short period. Craps can be very rewarding if you’re fortunate enough to overcome the house edge.

Types of Craps

This table game as any other casino game has its own variations. However, unlike other games where variations occur to make the game more interesting to a certain group of players here we see diversification because of the requirements and the equipment involved.

The early forms of craps were called street-craps. Due to the requirements of a table passionate craps players needed to improvise with what they had. However, nothing stopped them in providing an environment where they can play the game uninterruptedly.

As casinos started to accept the reality that players want to play craps they started setting up their own craps tables. This is the most common form of craps and most likely this is what you imagine craps looks like. 4 casino employees are required to attend to a table of this kind.

Because some casinos can’t afford the space and the work force mini-craps was introduced where the table is more compact and only 2 employees attend the table. Nonetheless, the rules are the same.

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Craps Rules

Table games usually have a long list of rules and betting opportunities. Once you clearly understand the rules you’re good to go and join a craps table. Because of this we devised a thorough Craps Guide where you can find out more about this amusing and very exciting game. Below you can find a list of bonuses with which you can play Craps. Take a look at them and select the one that you like most.


If you have any additional questions regarding Craps we’re here to help. In the beginning you may find the game odd and confusing, but in time you’ll get the hang of it. Don’t forget to check out our Craps Guide. That’s the place where you can find everything you need in order to learn how to play craps along with other amazing techniques and tips which will help you overcome the house edge.