Real Money Bingo VS. Free Money Bingo

Real Money VS. Free Money Bingo

Bingo has undeniably reached unprecedented popularity. Thanks to the advent of the Internet and the easily accessible gadgets, players from all corners of the Earth are able to enjoy the thrills brought by online bingo.

You can play online bingo in two ways in general. The categories are pretty wide, mainly because they do not involve the rules of the game. Instead, they’re based on what you need to do and what you can get out of it.

  1. Real Money Bingo – The Bingo player makes a deposit and enjoys Real Money Bingo
  2. Free Money Bingo – The Player uses fun credits or claims Free Bonus Money

The titles are self-explanatory, and we’re not going into details. However, we are going to take a different view on online bingo. Both of these come with their advantages shadowed by the disadvantages. Remember, regardless of how you enjoy online bingo, the idea is to have fun! If you’re having fun, keep doing it.

The Differences are Apparent

You don’t need to be an expert to make a distinction between these two. Nevertheless, you do need a certain level of experience or knowledge to know what to expect down the road. Sure, both seem lucrative and entertaining, but only one of them can turn you into a rich Bingo player.

Below you can find a list of features, flaws, pros and cons of Real Money Bingo and Free Money Bingo. Enjoy Online Bingo the way that you find best!

Features of Real Money Online Bingo

The ultimate objective of bingo is to have the winning numbers on your bingo card. If this happens, you’re the winner. If you’ve indulged in Real Money Bingo, feel free to raise your expectations.

  • Access to Lucrative Bonus Deals – Lucrative indeed! Online Bingo Operators are constantly handing out attractive bonuses, which extend the play time, ergo giving you more chances to win. Bonuses still allow you to win real money you can withdraw. Make sure you follow the bonus terms.
  • Higher Limits – The only limit is your cash balance. It all depends on how much you can afford to deposit. Although rare, there are a few bingo games where players can kick it up a notch with more expensive bingo cards.
  • Real Money Bets, Real Money Winnings – As this suggests, everything you win, is yours to keep. That’s, only if you’re not currently playing with bonus funds. You buy your bingo card with your money, what you win belongs to you.
  • Access to All Bingo Games – When you play with real money, every game that catches your attention is at your disposal. Regardless of the type of the bingo, you can join the race and hopefully be the first one to yell “bingo!”
  • Opportunity to Become a VIP – The bingo operator pays a great deal of attention to players who are passionate, active and enjoy this game of chance.
  • Bingo Tournaments, Competitions, Races – How would you like to compete with fellow bingo players? You’re making friends, you can win big, and you’re doing both of these while you enjoy online bingo. Bingo has the biggest player base that shows an affinity towards developing social relationships amongst each other.

The Bright Side of Free Money Bingo

Some players find fun in online bingo without making a deposit, meaning, they revert to playing Free Money Bingo. Yes, the interface is still the same, but there are certain variations that you might not like in the end. However, for the sake of consistency, first we’re going to take a look at its advantages.

  • No Deposit Bonuses – This is the driving force behind free money online bingo. Players who want to make a profit out of bingo, but do not want to make a deposit, are in fact, looking for no deposit bonuses. No deposit is needed to play the game, but you must make a deposit if you want to withdraw, because of legal matters.
  • Trial Mode – Practice Mode, Fun Mode or Trial Mode, call it whatever you like, it’s all pretty much the same. Players who enjoy bingo this way can be referred to as social bingo players. They’re in online bingo because they love the game, but they also enjoy the social aspect bingo platforms provide.
  • Active Player means Loyal Player – Comp Points – In the online gaming community, a player who is active, who has developed gaming habits is a loyal player. As such, you can become entitled to to certain free gifts. Note, these are rather rare, because an online casino or a bingo operator will reward depositing players only.
  • It’s FREE – Lastly, it’s FREE. Free Money Bingo is a great way to learn the game inside out. Learn more about the objectives, learn the tricks of the trade and you’ll be one step ahead of your opponents.

Nothing beats free money. That’s, until you submit a withdrawal request, which is why you must be aware of the following.

On the Flipside – Flaws of Free Money Bingo

  • Access to Limited Range of Bingo Games – Even if you’re into bingo for the sake of fun and entertainment, you must make a deposit at some point in time if you want to try all bingo games. Casinos are aware of this and they offer their finest games to real money bingo players. The best example is Live Online Bingo, which is exclusively available to depositing players.
  • Cashout Limits – Even if you get some free money, a no deposit bonus, these types of bonus deals come with cashout limits, meaning you can withdraw only a limited amount of money that’s a direct result of the free bonus money.
  • Limited Play Time – Free Bonus Money, like the playtime, is limited. Once you run out of bonus money you can claim, the fun ends. On the other hand, the only limit with real money bingo is your cash balance. If you deposit more, you can play more, if you can play more, you can win more. It’s pretty straightforward.
  • Limited Profit Potential – Where’s the fun in playing bingo and not being able to enjoy the winnings? The fundamental, crucial difference is the deal breaker.

Bingo players who like to have the complete experience must make a deposit at some point in time. Otherwise, you’re playing a simple, social game. Even a modest deposit can have a significant impact on your experience. By depositing €10 or €20, your player status changes, making you eligible for special bonuses, opening the gateways to all bingo games and you can withdraw as much as you win. A simple deposit of €20 can do wonders.

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