Playing Mobile Bingo | 2019

Play Bingo on the Go!

Entertainment closely follows the trends set by technology. If we take a look back, what we find entertaining and how we do it, has changed a lot in the past 25 years. The internet made some big changes, but the change was not apparent until smartphones and tablets were introduced.

Expectedly, bingo was also affected by this revolutionary step forward. Many online casinos and other type of gaming platforms offer bingo games, but they also offer them to mobile players, ergo mobile bingo.

How to Play Mobile Bingo on Your Smartphone or Tablet

Before you start enjoying mobile bingo, we have to note a few things. If you follow the guidelines we laid out below, you won’t have anything to worry about. The internet is a place full with opportunities, but there are certain threats as well. These are your commandments when it comes to online bingo:

  1. Choose Your Online Casino/ Gaming Platform Carefully
    If you make a mistake in the early stages, everything you do down the road will be put in jeopardy. When we say carefully, we mean double check it inside out. The reviews we provide are an easy and a fast way to find out more about a given online casino that offers mobile bingo games.
    The casino must be licensed, regulated and audited by an independent entity. Furthermore, the bingo games have to be fair as well, otherwise, can you really enjoy playing it?
    Register providing true and accurate information. Failing to comply with this may result in having your winnings voided later on.
  2. Access the Casino mobile version/ Download the App
    We’re positive you’ve downloaded an app before. If you’re using an Android smartphone or a tablet, your destination is the Google Play Store. On the other hand, if you’re using an iPhone or an iPad visit Appel’s App Store.
    On the other hand, if you don’t want to go through this process, simply visit the mobile version of the casino, by accessing it via your mobile web browser. These go by the name mobile web apps.
    NOTE: Certain online casinos that come with a download app require players to download an APK file from their website, meaning you can’t find it at Google’s Play Store. Installation of this kind usually requires players to adjust the security options of their phones. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you better ask some of your friends to do it.
  3. Choose the Type of Bingo Game You Want to Play
    The previous two steps are the foundation of your safety and security, in terms of privacy protection and fairness. Here, you want to select the type of bingo you find most amusing and most profitable. Bingo has evolved, giving us several types to choose from. A 90 ball bingo or a 60 ball bingo, it all depends on your personal preference.
    Bingo or mobile bingo, it doesn’t matter. The same rules apply either of them, the platform, the interface is all that changes. Not to mention that you can play mobile bingo anywhere and anytime!
  4. Buy Your Bingo Cards
    Decisions, decisions, decisions. The rule of thumb is to buy enough bingo cards to have an edge to win, but to not overspend. It all depends on how passionate you’re about bingo, how successful you are, and how many bingo cards your cash balance can support. We must also point out the price of each card. It’s safe to assume that if the bingo is more rewarding, with higher top prizes, the bingo cards will cost you more.
  5. Prepare for the Draw and Enjoy!
    Do not forget to tune in and follow the draw. That’s if you’ve bought cards for a live bingo. In our opinion, live bingo is always the way to go. Unless you’re so into bingo you simply can’t wait. You’ll find that gaming platforms that specialize in bingo games and well-established casinos are willing to go the distance to provide their customers with this unparalleled live mobile bingo experience.
    Although unlikely, if you’re playing mobile bingo away from any Wi-Fi, check how much internet data you got left. You don’t want to miss the fun solely because you’ve gone above the limit.

Mobile Bingo Features

Once you’ve gone through the 5 steps we mentioned earlier, we recommend to stick to that gaming environment. You will get familiar with the games, with the schedule, but you will also be offered certain bonuses and promotions which might be just what you need to get on top and profit more than you’ve ever hoped for.

Online Bingo Draws Schedule

Dedicated bingo providers usually advertise their live bingo draws. However, the schedules are prone to certain changes from time to time, so you better stay updated. It’s recommended to join the room early, so you have enough time to buy your bingo cards for the upcoming draw. Fortunately, you can play mobile bingo basically anywhere! Regardless of where you are, be that a lunch break, a coffee break, or you’re on your way to your office, you can tune in and enjoy your favorite bingo.

Bingo Live Chat – Interact with Your Co-Players

The more the merrier, but only if you’re playing bingo casually. As you know, we recommend playing bingo in rooms with guaranteed payoff and in rooms with fewer players. However, to make the whole experience more exciting, why not have a chat with your “opponents”. Online casinos usually provide live chat, to give players the opportunity to interact with each other.

This is what sets live mobile bingo games and products provided by renowned bingo providers, from mediocre bingo operators. Then again, we can’t say that chatting is convenient while playing mobile bingo on your smartphone.

BONUS: Mobile bingo players who are active on the live chat can earn valuable bonuses and prizes. Players are asked a quiz like question and whoever answers first and correctly wins! This is one of the perks why you should follow the draw actively.

Mobile Bingo Diversity and Flexibility

Bingo players who go mobile rarely ever visit a conventional bingo hall. It’s neat, compact, convenient and it’s easily accessible. We’re going to say it again, you can play mobile bingo anytime you want, regardless of your location. Another great advantage of mobile bingo is the diversity it brings. You can go from playing one type of bingo game to a totally different one, in a matter of seconds.

Regardless of the type of the bingo game, you will always have the advantage, as long as you’re playing online. Your smartphone is literally a portable bingo hall, featuring all bingo games that are out there!

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