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The Game of Love

kay jones
Written By Kay Jones

A new study conducted by the UK online casino aggregator looks into the British gamers’ love-life to discover the most influential gaming patterns in 2021.

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Couples Who Game Together, Stay Together

We’ve all heard about the challenges that couples face when it relates to iGaming. This often occurs when only one side of the relationship is a player. But what if both partners decide to form an allegiance in the virtual world?

No matter the partners’ age and the relationship duration, it is proven that gaming can positively impact relationships. For instance, 88% of gamer couples said that the main benefit of playing together is that it allows them to spend more time with one another, and 71% believe that it helped them build stronger connections with each other. 

And that’s not all; being in a committed relationship also benefits the gaming performance, which is true for 56% of couples who often share game tactics and tips with each other.

If you are worried about being in a long-distance relationship, then don’t be. According to the findings, 53% of gamers in a relationship said that gaming helped them increase trust in one another, and guess what: League of Legends is the most played in long distances to keep the flame burning!

Furthermore, gaming is most commonly a mutual interest in couples between 35 and 54 - That explains why 68% of couples gaming together are married!

If You Are Still Playing Unaccompanied: Please Read This!

We were just talking about all those good things in gaming with a partner, but don’t worry if you are still playing unaccompanied: Flirting with other players is becoming increasingly common in gaming. The results found that most single players flirting in gaming are from London and that first-person shooter games are the favourite genre to take action - so why not join them?

Do you wonder where in the virtual gaming world you can find your other half? Well, we can give you a hint: According to the study, solo male gamers prefer playing Battlefield and Escape from Tarkov, whilst single ladies favour games of chance

If this hasn’t quite convinced you yet, then we have another big finding that you might want to know: 92% of couples who met in the virtual world are now married. Your other half could be just around the corner - it’s now up to you to look for the perfect opportunity!

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