2020's Best Noble Gaming Casinos Online

Most likely you haven’t heard of Noble Gaming or any of their games, mainly because they do not invest any significant resources in marketing and advertising. They like to be under the radar, and this has worked well for them for over a decade. As a UK based online casino software provider, it has access to world class expertise, resources and networking opportunities like the reputable and popular online casino studios.

It was established back in 2007, and ever since then, Noble Gaming has accumulated more than 100 games. Besides London, Noble’s offices are also present in Prague, Czech Republic and Sofia, Bulgaria. Their page does not provide much information about it, yet we managed to scrap some information.

Noble Gaming

Products & Services

Noble Gaming provides everything from hardware to cutting edge software, both to online and land based casinos. Their games are compatible with all types of devices, desktop, smartphones, tables, and they can also be found in bricks and mortar casinos. We really like the classification of their products. To illustrate, the hardware modules and serves are labelled as THOUGHT. Their HTML5 interactive games, VLT products and Megastar line of table multigames are tagged as SENSE. Furthermore, Noble Gaming also offers hardware host devices for their land based clients, such as iPax which is a Video Lottery Terminal, Tabomat and Shift Pad, a multiplayer and a satellite device respectively.

Lastly, and most importantly is the entire fleet of games named SOUL. This category includes Classic 5 reel slots, slots available for free play and Multilines Slots. For the time being, Noble Gaming is focused on hardware and casino games, meaning they do not offer any specific services to clients.

Security and Supervision of Noble Gaming

There’s no information or publicly available audit reports that we can comment. However, as a London based online casino studio, it’s safe to assume that the entity has access to a UK Gambling Commission license. After all, what’s the purpose of incurring high costs if you haven’t got a UK license? Nevertheless, over the past decade, there haven’t been any complaints or disputes because of the games’ integrity and fairness.

In the end, they do not have a strong presence in the online gaming industry in general. In recent times, Noble Gaming has begun to appear at major events, hopefully, this is an attempt that hints of an expansion.

Noble Gaming Online Casino Games

According to the information available, Noble, besides being proactive, they can also be reactive and deliver state of the art, personalized casino games. This is big. So far, we’ve seen only a handful of online casino studios that are prepared for a task of this kind.

First impressions are usually misleading. The games feature crisp, clear graphics, but the animations are underwhelming. Moreover, there’s no information about the games’ rules, there’s no paytable and there’s no explanation of how the bonus features work. Basically, that’s a rating of 1 out of 5. In addition, the games resemble the slot games you could come across in mediocre land based casinos that are stuck in the past.

Pointing out 3 slots designed by Noble Gaming is a struggling task. Nonetheless, here’s our take on their finest creations available online.

Temple of the Sun slot takes you on an adventure with the Conqustadors in Latin America. It’s a simple 5 reel slot with basic symbols and a Wild Symbol. In essence, there’s not much to comment on the game, although, it does feature decent, detailed graphics. Nonetheless, once the reels start spinning, especially when you win, the animations disappoint. Temple of the Sun, like many other Noble Gaming slots, features the Gamble option, which offers exhaustive variations.

Grab da Loot is also an adventure based slot game, but with a twist. Unlike the “realistic” design of Temple of the Sun slot, Grab da Loot features a cartoonish style. To be honest, we like this one better. Furthermore, it comes with Wild Symbols and Scatter symbol.

Our 3rd pick from the house of Noble Gaming is Original Gangstar. In a way, it blends the aforementioned slots. It’s the kind of a slot game you’d play if you have your eyes on the prize only, meaning, you’re not looking for a game that’s pleasing to the eye. Ramp up to big and frequent wins with up to 50 active paylines! A word of advice, be careful with the gamble feature, especially if you’re a bonus player. It adds risk, skews the odds in favor of the casino, while not contributing to the wagering requirements.

Best Noble Gaming Online Casinos

Usually, we lay out 3 online casinos to make your choice easier. This time around, we can’t do so because Noble’s presence is rather limited. Your best option is joining SlotsMillion Casino, which currently has 15 Noble Gaming slots, among which you can find the aforementioned slot games and 12 others, such as Gypsy Soul slot, Fruit Express, Break the Lines and Mystic Forest slot to name a few.

In all honesty, we hope Noble Gaming will expand. Casino studios such as this, with little to no exposure are usually the ones that are a breath of fresh air, that bring a wave of new, fresh, diverse slot games.