2020's Best Betgames.tv Casinos

Betgames.TV is a provider and developer of LIVE and interactive games. Betgames.TV products provide hi-quality enjoyable gambling experiences with interactive hosts and varying recurring times, and most of their games are ran every 5 minutes. The company was founded in 2012, with an ever growing popularity and demand ever since their foundation. They provide their products to both offline and online casinos, where players can bet in person as well as from the comfort of their homes.
The company is situated with headquarters in Malta and Lithuania.


The software operates through live streaming services, which are naturally available in HD for maximum clarity and an optimal experience. If you’re interested as a partner, Betgames.TV offers free integration of their services on your casino page, and a live DEMO samples of each game for you to review, available on their website.


Heated and exciting games await with live, interactive gaming experiences lead by professional female hosts. Betgames.TV products are all broadcasted without delay, using randomness algorithms to promote fair play. As of right now, the software offers six games to choose from:

  • Lucky 7, a lottery-based game where 7 out of 42 winning balls are randomly selecting until a winner is found, if no winner emerges the stakes of all players are returned.
  • Dice, where a set of 5 numerically assorted (1-6) dices are rolled. The outcome probabilities are very high and there’s a vast potential of winning outcomes. Players can bet on any number of combinations before the rolling begins; pairs, sequences and so on.
  • Lucky 5 follows similar rules as Lucky 7, however 5 out of 36 winning number balls are being randomly drawn.
  • Bet on Poker is a standard poker game with rules holding great similarity to Texas Hold’em Poker. The full set of rules can be found on their website.
  • Bet on Baccarat features game rules almost identical to the most common Baccarat game.
  • Wheel of Fortune, last but not least you have the never aging Wheel of Fortune, where choosing the right colour out of 19 sectors can lead to winnings. However, there are various other winning combinations which you can try your luck with.



Betgames.TV are a relatively new software and game provided, however they are expanding fast with abundance in quality games and immaculate production value. Betting on their games is safe, fair and enjoyable.