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The Pros and Cons of Online Gambling

thomas williams
Written By Thomas Williams

The advent of the internet technology, powerful computers and widely available gadgets that we can’t imagine living without we call smartphones have changed how we enjoy gambling. Playing our favourite casino games from the comfort of our homes, or playing them whenever we want, wherever we want on our smartphones has had a huge impact!

Since the market is close to taking its final shape (we still await the full-scale launch of Virtual Reality Online Casinos) it’s easy to put some tags on online gaming in terms of what are the advantages and what are the disadvantages of online gaming.

What are the Pros of Online Gambling?

Before we take a look at the dark side of online gaming, we’re going to go through the pros, the advantages of online gambling. Thanks to online gaming, many players can find refuge and experience thrill and adrenaline rushes without the struggle of putting on some classy clothes and visiting a casino resort, which in all honesty is time-consuming. This leads us to the first point, the first benefit online gaming introduced.

Budget-Friendly – Suitable for All Players

Believe it or not, you don’t need a humongous budget to experience the excitement Roulette or a Jackpot Slot can provide. Forget about what you’ve seen in James Bond movies and how he likes to play Baccarat with millions in bets. Those are the high rollers. You can start playing Bond’s favourite game or any other casino game you can think of right away, with a mere deposit of $/€/£10 only. That’s right!

Sure, you can deposit more if you wish so. Online casinos do not discriminate against players. All players are treated equally and with respect, regardless of the size of the deposit.

Privacy & Anonymity

You don’t like being judged for enjoying the thrill of casino games? There’s no need to worry. Online casinos are armed with state of the art encryption privacy protection systems. On top of this, online casinos are subject to privacy policies that they cannot and must not breach. Over the past few years, the issue of internet privacy has been a key point of many fierce arguments.

If you’re playing at a licensed and regulated online casino, the operator is legally liable and can be taken to court in case of breach of privacy. We reassure you, you are practically anonymous in the online gaming world, as long as you want it to be so. Some casinos won’t even let your bank know that you’ve been playing casino games.

Access to the Best Casino Games

Imagine that every single casino game you ever wanted to play, regardless of how scarce, how difficult it is to find an environment where you can play it, to be at the reach of your palm. Sounds cool, right? Well, online gaming turned this “wild wish” reality. Online casino games producers are in an ongoing race of who will come up with the most popular and best casino game. Most of these games fall into the slots category, however, table games also get improved, mainly their interface.

Players from every corner of the earth have access to the same games, the best ones, with minor exceptions due to strict regulations. You don’t have to go a few hundred miles to get access to the best casino games. The casino games will get to you, which leads us to the next advantage.

Comfortable – Play Casino Games from the Comfort of Your Home

In our opinion, the most comfortable place on earth is the place we call home. That comfy armchair of yours surely feels cozy. Now imagine you can play each and every casino game from that place. You can play on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

No need to get out of your way to play casino games. They’ll get to you, become at your disposal whenever you feel like playing. However, people have argued that this is also a con online gambling, but we’re going to talk more about that later.

Security & Fair Play – Constant Monitoring and Audited RNG

Land-based casino, or bricks and mortar casinos are subject to regulation same as online casinos are. However, due to the nature of online gambling, online casino operators are subject to much stricter rules. The respective regulators pay much more attention to online casino operators than they do to land-based casinos.

Their random number generators, their procedures and their policies are easier to monitor because they’re usually centralized. If the regulator wanted to carry out an audit, they need to check one place only, whereas checking a whole group of casinos requires much more expertise, manpower and resources. Furthermore, unless the public gets involved or the land-based casino doesn’t do anything major, they’re rarely subject to scrutiny.

Access to Casino Bonuses – Make Your Casino Play Sessions Cost Efficient

Online casinos can boast with easily accessible bonuses. They, the bonuses, serve one purpose only, to extend the playtime of a player. It’s common sense to assume that the more one player plays, the more chances he/she has to win. Ergo, online casino bonuses increase the chances of winning.

Land-based casinos cannot manage this kind of reward system easily, that’s why they’re reluctant to offer promotions of this kind. Sure, some might organize a tournament or give away free merchandise, but nothing beats bonuses.

What are the Cons of Online Gambling

  • Addictive Because of Proximity
  • Withdrawal Periods
  • Unclear Laws and Regulations
  • Rogue Casinos
  • Lack of Interaction

Every story has two sides. Depending on your point of view, you might agree with the aforementioned points we’ve made, or you will agree with the points we’re going to make from this moment on. We’re not here to judge!

Proximity – It’s Easy to Develop Bad Gambling Habits

Too much of anything can be bad for anyone. Too much of gambling, regardless if it’s online or land-based can be bad as well. The problem with online gambling is that it’s always a few clicks away. No, that’s not miles. That’s clicks! All it takes is to log in and start playing.

Many advocates of responsible gambling have argued that online gambling can cause much greater damage to people who cannot control themselves. We agree with them on this one. However, a person who’s developed bad habits in regards to gambling can do the same in a land-based casino. In addition, online casino operators are in close cooperation with authorities responsible for safeguarding the wellbeing of casino players. Every individual in the industry is aware and concerned about this issue. Online gambling is a double-edged sword, if you don’t respect it you just might cut yourself.

Withdrawal Periods – Delayed Satisfaction

For people who visit land-based casinos, once they win, they can cash out immediately. They don’t have to wait for hours or days before they receive their winnings, nor they have to provide a long list of documents to verify their identity, their payment method etc.

On the other hand, the majority of online casinos requires players to wait a given period of time before they get paid. Yes, there are a number of online casinos that can pay out in a manner of minutes, the time that you’d take to finish your drink at the casino before the cashier prepares your cash.

However, we have to agree that one of online gambling’s disadvantages is delayed payouts.

Unclear Laws and Regulations

Many players are confused if they are allowed to play casino games online. Arguments go both ways, but in recent years casinos have been closely cooperating with regulators to address this issue and advertise it to willing players. The bottom line is, the player bears the responsibility to know if local laws allow if he/she is allowed to play online casino games. Core markets like Australia, Canada, the UK, Sweden, Germany, Norway and Finland have made their point that online gambling is legal. However, markets like India, for instance, still keep players in a state of confusion. Conventional gambling is not combating an issue of this sort.

Rogue Casinos – Avoid at All Cost

Not that there aren’t any conventional casinos that are rogue, but we’ve seen many online casinos that have gone rogue. That’s why we recommend to always check our reviews before you decide to actually trust one casino. These non-recommended casinos might offer pirated software with unreliable RNG, operating without a license, changing terms and conditions as they please, and much more.

Lack of Interaction – Loss of Awareness

Everything is perfect, you feel comfortable, playing your favourite game in at home and you get carried away because everything is ideal. You just lost track of time, forgot about your chores or that meeting you had to attend. It’s rather easy to become unaware of what you’re doing and how long. Certain online casinos come with a neat feature called “Reality Check”. The player is reminded in hour increments how long he/she has played. It’s a neat feature that if implemented by all casinos will nullify this disadvantage.

However, the lack of interaction can be detrimental. Live Games are an option, but slot players don’t have a way out.

🔒Are online casinos as safe as land-based establishments? chevron-down-icon
It depends. Not all online casinos are safe but that is the same for brick and mortar ones. If you do stick to a trustworthy site though, it could end up being just as safe as any land casino with the added perk of being readily available.
❓How can I be sure that my personal details are protected at casino sites? chevron-down-icon
This again comes down to choosing a safe online casino. Any of the reputable ones have certain criteria which they must adhere to in order to retain their casino license. You'll also find that most put all of the details into privacy and cookie policies which they make readily accessible.
⚖️Do the pros of online gambling outweigh the cons? chevron-down-icon
Yes, they can but you will have to take certain steps to ensure this. First off, you'll need to stick to a trustworthy casino site but it also comes down to your approach to money management. Online casinos are more readily available than land-based ones so it's easier to get hooked. We always suggest separating your personal bankroll from your gaming one and having clear goals of when you intend to stop playing.
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