PayPal Casinos - Trusted Online Casinos Accepting PayPal


Since the moment of its conception PayPal was considered as a great idea. Ever since then nobody was able to prove the opposite. It’s the reason why many seemingly impossible businesses became successful. Over the years PayPal’s operations grew and expanded to become one of the most accessible and flexible payment methods. It’s available in 203 markets around the globe in 26 different currencies.

Privacy and Security with PayPal

It is the preferred method of money transfer because of its key and unique feature, to provide limited information to other parties. Before the introduction of PayPal to the public people who wanted to buy and sell products or services online had to provide the full credit card number and other personal information to other parties. With PayPal as an intermediary the seller receives only part of this sensitive information. However, this has no effect over PayPal’s safety and reliability.

Many online casinos understand their trusted customers in full. Some players simply don’t want to have the transactions with the casinos reflected on their bank statement. All you need to do is fund your PayPal account. Otherwise you can complete your transactions with PayPal by funding them with your credit card or your bank account.

Once you setup your PayPal account you don’t need to fill any other forms to pay online. All you’re going to need to do is input your PayPal account information. From here on all your transactions will be kept in one place. You are going to have a clear overview of how much and where you have spent your money.


Fees and Additional Features of PayPal

Since it has become a widely accepted payment method well-established online casinos and casinos who want to take customer satisfaction to the next level make every attempt to bring in PayPal’s services. The seller or the online casino usually incurs approximately 3% of the amount in fees and a fixed fee of $0.30 per transaction. Some casinos will pay these fees themselves whereas others notify their customer that they might incur certain fees upon depositing and withdrawing funds.

Another distinctive feature PayPal which derives from their good cooperation with MasterCard is the PayPal Secure Card service. This allows PayPal users to pay online even when PayPal is not supported by the seller or the online casino. Unfortunately, you cannot take advantage of this feature since the casino operator will require further documentation and information regarding your credit card. We hope there will be some improvements in this area.

Use PayPal to Deposit and Be Rewarded

PayPal started to grow exponentially when it became part of eBay. Today it’s much more than that. Just setup your PayPal account, fund it and head over to some of these online casinos that accept PayPal as a valid payment method.

If you have any questions related to the use of PayPal at online casinos or you want to find out more about the use of different payment methods in general don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to assist you and provide you with additional information if necessary.