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Cubits is a Bitcoin Wallet that’s considered the most popular of its kind among online casino players. Since the adoption of the cryptocurrency in the online gaming industry, no other have managed to compete with the undisputed Cubits. When it comes to online casinos, a few of them stand out and labelled the best Cubits online casinos.

Many of you still find the Bitcoin mysterious, and are not entirely sure how to use Bitcoins in online casinos. Thanks to Cubits, using Bitcoins is simplified, depositing, withdrawing, playing in Bitcoins, all aspects are simple, straightforward and user-friendly. That being said, you don’t have to be an expert on blockchain technology and how it works.

How to Deposit with Cubits at Online Casinos?

Have you used any other conventional e-wallet the likes of Skrill, Neteller and/or PayPal? If yes, then you already know how to use Cubits. Nevertheless, you will have to buy Bitcoins, and load your Cubits Wallet before you can start playing in Bitcoin. This is not as scary as it sounds. Nowadays, there is a ton of online exchange platforms where you can get your very own Bitcoins, or sell them and get a “conventional” currency.

Once you’ve loaded your Cubits Wallet, it’s time to visit a Bitcoin Online Casino, one that actually accepts Bitcoins.

1.     Go to the Cashier and Click on “Pay with Cubits”

pay with cubits

2.     Select Cubits as Preferred Bitcoin Wallet

select cubits

3.     Enter Your Login Details for Cubits

cubits login

4.     If You Don’t get a Pop-Up Window, Your Browser is Blocking It

cubits casino payment

5.     Once You’re Logged In, Complete the Payment

From this point on, just follow the instructions you get on your screen. Complete the payment. Just don’t touch any codes. You don’t want your valuable Bitcoins going in somebody else’s wallet.

6.     Wait a Few Minutes

cubits casino transaction confirmation

7.     Good Luck! You can Start Playing in Bitcoins!

The number of Bitcoin games is on the rise! Thanks to its astounding popularity, the Bitcoin game collections are growing on a monthly basis. Depositing in Bitcoins guarantees your privacy and if you do everything right, your safety as well.

Is it Safe to Use Cubits in Online Casinos?

Once you get the hang of it, and you can confidently deposit and withdraw, Cubits is as safe as an online wallet in general can be. As long as you don’t do anything out of the ordinary, something wild, you’re safe. Cubits brings forward a number of security measures, which ensure your Bitcoins are kept safe. Are you afraid of somebody stealing your Bitcoins? Cubits keeps the codes in offline servers, ones that are not connected to the internet.

Not only is Cubits safe, but it’s also fast, simple and convenient. Bitcoin online casinos are ready and waiting for your Cubits deposits!

Are there Any Fees Associated with Cubits Bitcoin Deposits?

Well-established Bitcoin online casinos do not charge any fees for Bitcoin deposits, including ones made with Cubits. However, any newcomers might have the audacity to profit on the player’s ignorance and actually charge a symbolic fee. We’re against deposit fee, regardless of the deposit method at hand.

That being said, funding your Cubits account will come at a price. Depending on the payment method you use to load your Cubits Wallet, the fees range between 1.5% up to 5.0%. Skrill and Credit Card payment providers charge the most, whereas if you load your Cubits Wallet with a SEPA transfer, you will incur no charges whatsoever.

On top of this, Cubits charges a 0.9% service fee on each buy or sell transaction, which to be honest, in the world of Bitcoin is not all that much. Sure, it becomes a hefty amount, but as an online casino player, it should amount to a lot in your case.

We recommend funding your Cubits Wallet with direct online banking methods, the likes of Sofort, DotPay, and if you’re in the SEPA zone, a SEPA bank transfer is the way to go!

Above you can find the best Cubits online casinos, and their respective welcome offers. In spite of their nature and what the community says, Bitcoin casinos are safe and reliable, but you still need to be careful.

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