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The fast pace development of mobile devices, smartphones in particular created an opportunity for all sorts of online businesses. However, in order those business to bill their clients, keep them happy and maintain a healthy cash flow they had a need for a different type of payment method. Although credit cards and e-wallets were already on the scene the payment process was still not as convenient as it was needed. In 2009 Boku was established. Currently its headquarters are located in San Francisco, California.

Boku was established after the acquisition of Paymo and Mobillcash. Most of the technicalities were set in place and the entities had the necessary experience Boku jumped off to success immediately. They won few awards 2 years after they went live one of them being part of the top 25 Tech and Innovation Awards finalist. This was only the beginning for them as today they are the prime and only choice for online business that want to offer mobile billing to their customers including online casino operators.

How Does Boku Work?

Boku allows smartphone users to pay online without having a bank account, credit card or any other type of payment method, Boku is a standalone money transfer provider. If you wish to make a deposit with Boku the deposit amount will be charged to your phone carrier. That’s it. At the end of the month the charge will be shown on your phone bill as a separate item. You don’t need to provide any additional information. All you need to do is insert your phone number, provide the online casino with your personal information and you’re good to go.

On the other hand, when you’re ordering something or buying the need to provide additional information depends on the service or the product. That being said, if the item needs to be delivered then you will have to give the merchant more information. However, this information does not fall into the category of bank or credit card information.

Once you deposit or you buy an item with Boku your number will be set to default making future payment easier. The only thing you’ll need to do is insert your pin number as a measure of security.

This is what makes Boku so appealing to merchants and buyers, on this case online casinos and casino players.


The Perfect Payment Method for Mobile Players

Since you’re already spending much time on your smartphone playing the games you like the most why not turn your smartphone in a portable payment method. It’s already in your hands so why not make your deposit with Boku instead of taking out your credit card to insert the credit card number or to login to your e-wallet account.

Boku makes mobile play easier. It’s safe, reliable and will not disappoint you. Boku uses state of the art software to ensure best performance.

What started out as a wild shot project turned out to be a huge success with Boku having presence in over 60 markets and the ability to service up to 4 billion users.

Boku and Their Colossal Network

Due to the nature of their service and the lack of competition Boku was able to quickly partner with leading business in their respective industries. This not only put them on the frontline, but made other merchants aware of their existence. The need for further promotion and sales investing were non-existent.

Being partnered with business like Facebook, Spotify, Google and Microsoft certainly contributes for the trust people have in Boku.

We expect Boku’s customer base to grow and expand even further. The people seem to like what Boku has to offer. On the other hand, merchants who employ the services of Boku experience increase in sales by 3 times from the moment Boku lands on their websites.