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Bitcoin is a virtual currency invented in 2008, by an unknown person presenting himself under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is labeled as the first crypto currency. It is unique, independent of banking fees, mediators and imposing regulations. The US Treasury categorized it as a decentralized digital currency.

Today, it’s the payment method of choice of online casino players from all around the world, especially the USA, Canada and Australia.

The concept can be tough to understand at first. The most commonly asked question is: Where do the bitcoins come from? In the simplest of terms, it involves a process called “mining”. Any individual that borrows his computer processing power in order to perform verifications and keep record of payments into a public ledger is rewarded with Bitcoins. In actuality, anyone can do it, but this process is slow, it requires a lot of computing power. Therefore, the supply and demand are in a balanced state.

More and more entities have started accepting Bitcoin as a payment service. You can pay with it and trade it for other currencies as well. The main reason merchants are accepting Bitcoin is because of the almost non-existent processing fees involved, unlike credit cards.

Bitcoin payments are fast, secure and anonymous. These are the core features of Bitcoins that allowed it to persevere through all the pressure imposed by official authorities and regulators. It started small as an unregulated crypto currency, but today there’s a stock like regulated price like any other currency has. In other words, a Bitcoin is as reliable as any other currency on the market, and in some instances it’s proven to be much more reliable than common currencies.

This is the era of the crypto currency.

What Online Casinos Accept Bitcoin

Below you can find an extensive list of all online casinos that support Bitcoin payments. You can find some useful information below the list of Bitcoin online casinos.



Depositing with Bitcoin

Once you set up your own Bitcoin wallet it easy to deposit. Because of how Bitcoin works, meaning, there are no mediators, all Bitcoin deposits are immediate. Should there be any verification checks, which in most cases there, it shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes before you are allowed to start playing with real money, or with your Bitcoins. On the other hand, renowned online casinos allow the player to start playing instantly. It’s some of the benefits from playing at a reputable online casino.

Online casinos usually set a minimum and a maximum deposit limit. When it comes to Bitcoins, there’s no maximum deposit limit. Players are allowed to deposit as much as they want. On the other end, the minimum amount that a player can deposit is 0.0001 BTC. It is so low it’s inconsiderable, because you can’t play even one spin with that amount. Compared in other currencies, the minimum amount you can deposit with Bitcoin at casinos is €/$0.07. Basically, Bitcoin deposits are free from all sorts of limits.

Players who deposit smaller amounts on a regular basis will be delighted to know that there are no fees whatsoever.

Withdrawing with Bitcoin

Bitcoin cuts the middle man, therefore both the online casino operator and the online casino player actually benefit from using Bitcoin as a payment method. Since you probably already deposited using Bitcoin, you should have your own Bitcoin Wallet. Withdrawing with Bitcoin is as easy as with any other payment methods.

Make sure that you’ve provided the documents requested by the operator part of the identity verification procedure and you’re good to go. Insert your Bitcoin Wallet information and you will receive your withdrawal in a manner of minutes.

Is Bitcoin Legal?

The short answer is, it depends where you’re located. It’s a legal and fully regulated currency in the USA, subject to all known taxes and laws. It’s also legal in Australia, the UK treats it as an unregulated currency which means it’s not illegal. Bitcoin is fully legal in New Zealand, Finland and Norway, whereas the Swedish government has not decided what it will do. For the time being you can use Bitcoin if you’re located in Sweden. Brazil is also a big market when it comes to Bitcoin.

If the government doesn’t want to tax the transactions made with Bitcoins, nothing stops you from playing online with Bitcoins. If Bitcoins are regulated in your country, such as the USA for instance, make sure you settle your taxes, including Bitcoin transaction. Not that it’s easy for the tax authority to keep track of the transactions, but you better be safe than sorry.

Is Bitcoin Safe?

Bitcoin is decentralized crypto currency that exists only on the internet. It’s intangible. Nobody can take it away from you, as long as you keep your Bitcoin Wallet private and safe. Bitcoins come with two keys, encrypted codes to be precise. One key is located in your Bitcoin Wallet, whereas the other is dispersed across the global Bitcoin server network, powered by common people like you. When you’re making a transaction your key, your encrypted code is given to the online casino operator, which then results in an increase of funds on your online casino cash balance.

In simple words, the Bitcoin is impenetrable. Credit cards are at the forefront of safety issues because of how and where we use them. Bitcoins are nowhere near the danger line.

Top Online Casinos that Accept Bitcoin

Over the past few years a number of online casinos have started accepting Bitcoins as a valid currency. Some of the top online casinos that accept Bitcoin we’d like to recommend are BitStarz Casino, LimoPlay Casino, DublinBet Casino and US players can enjoy playing with Bitcoins at High Noon Casino, Bodog Casino, Slots.LV Casino and Raging Bull Casino. These are our top picks, but there are other online casinos that are willing to accept your Bitcoin deposits and that will allow you to withdraw in Bitcoins.

Pros of the Bitcoin:

  • Safety
  • Anonymity
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Accessibility

Cons of the Bitcoin:

  • Complicated to Set Up a Bitcoin Wallet
  • Limited Number of Bitcoin Online Casinos
  • Bitcoin deposits might not qualify for certain bonuses and promotions