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NumberFire Casino Review

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Written By Thomas Williams

NumberFire provides you with accurate analysis on-demand and provide forecasts and predictions.

It is a stable analyzing tool every sports betting enthusiast needs! Before you join them, go through our very own NumberFire review for all the details.

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NumberFire particular uses an advanced algorithm that has increased the revenues and overall success record of its clients and customers by more than 600% according to their site.

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Get Your First Month NumberFire Subscription at $9.99

Those of you who have never used similar products or services might be reluctant to unleash the full potential and experience the full effect of them. We have a special deal for all of our visitors that will discount the first month NumberFire subscription. You too can benefit from using NumberFire and its full array of tools for only $9.99!

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The best part about NumberFire from the perspective of a DFS player is that data is analyzed and provided in real time. If you were to do this, the fun factor of being a DFS player is nullified, gone, non-existent. With so many complex calculations that you have to do, it’s highly unlikely that you will enjoy it. With NumberFire, you don’t have to do anything yourself, NumberFire does it for you.

NumberFire has several business partnerships with renowned sports companies like ESPN and Sports Illustrated for instance. This not only promises, but it guarantees that the NumberFire services have been analyzed in detail by leading experts. It’s been questioned before, and it has passed the tests, you don’t have to! Instead of trying to understand how it works, it’s best to focus on your team.

Detailed Past and Present Fantasy Sport Players Statistics

In short, NumberFire removes the struggles you might’ve had as a daily fantasy sport player. It puts the burden on its shoulders, allowing you to simply relax and follow the events. No more manual analysis, data mining and wild guesses, NumberFire provides you with the smallest of details. Of course, the ultimate decision, the final choice is up to you to make. NumberFire simply points you to the rabbit hole, you need to explore it!

Bear in mind, NumberFire’s projecting models are based on historical and current data. In essence, it can’t be matched by individual efforts, regardless of how much time and resources you put into it.

The Technology and the Algoritm Behind NumberFire

We’re going to attempt to bring you the NumberFire predicting model closer, and analyze it so it’s easier to understand. First and foremost, there are 3 basic levels NumberFire takes into consideration. These key player characteristics are monitored constantly. The data is then compiled and analyzed to bring you the details and the information you see on the screen. It goes into great detail.

First, NumberFire considers the player’s individual statistics, such as past performance, scoring probability, workload percentage, and it compares them to other SIMILAR players. Individual analysis is important, but it takes more than that. After all, team chemistry has to be accounted for.

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Next, the NumberFire algorithm considers the matchups. NumberFire creates simulations whose outcomes are an indicator of possible outcomes. Both offense and defenses are considered. The algorithm goes beyond this and considers positive trends and coaching strategies as well.

Lastly, it’s very important to compare players on common grounds, meaning compare and evaluate them on the basis of similar characteristics, features that make them comparable to each other. This makes it easier to compare any two players, but more importantly, it makes the predictions more accurate.

Once the three processes or three levels of modeling are done, the data turned information is put into the final segment of the prediction algorithm. The statistics are tabulated so you can have an idea what player has the upper hand. Both pros and novice bettors can have a better idea, both can make better estimates of future events or games. Daily fantasy sports players are not left out. It’s easier to decide which player should play, and which to stay on the bench. NumberFire also creates the aforementioned simulations over and over to create winning lineups, featured in the NumberFire Live.

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Which Sports Are Covered by NumberFire?

Due to the nature of NumberFire, not all sports are on the menu. Initially, NumberFire’s purpose was to help, assist, guide football fans. Nowadays, thanks to the advancements they’ve made, NumberFire is just as useful for predicting player projections for MLB, NFL and NBA. There are analytics both for individual and team performance.

We expect the array of sports to grow further. After all, there still are sports enthusiasts that crave for NumberFire analytics for their very own sport of choice.

Available Games
  • Special Events

You’re in Good Hands As Long As You’re With NumberFire

It goes without saying that privacy protection has become one of the leading issues in the contemporary online community, both social and business. NumberFire adheres to a strict privacy policy that’s a standard among well-established, legit online businesses, not just in the online gaming and online sports betting industries.

NumberFire will notify you of any changes in their privacy policy, for starters, and they will also keep you up to date with any policies that have been imposed on them. Furthermore, it will not disclose private information, personal details, or banking information to any 3rd parties. Basically, whatever information you’ve provided so far, or you will provide in the future, is kept safe and private. There’s SSL encryption, there’s nothing to worry about!

Advanced NumberFire Live Features

Information and data analysis in real time is NumberFire’s key competitive advantage. Both sports and fantasy sports are dynamic, influenced by many factors. A seemingly trivial change can have a huge impact on the final outcome. Among others, NumberFire Live features the following:

  • Probability: Simple and on point, NumberFire provide you with winning odds following every game, with updated data.
  • Predicted Points: Probably the most important one, predicted points. This feature creates a team and all players point expectation. The predictions on team scores are exceptionally accurate, viable as benchmarks for final decisions.
  • Game MVP: NumberFire makes its very own analysis on the player’s performance, evaluating it as objectively as possible, giving you the most valuable player of the game.
  • Drive Outcome: Get the latest predictions and projections of the final outcome as the possession of the ball changes. What can happen and what are the chances of that happening? NumberFire’s Drive Outcome gives you the edge you need to excel.

The data and the information, or the analysis overall, are only relevant if they’re available in a timely fashion, instantly if possible. Historical data from a few days ago is still relevant, but not as relevant as real time data, which is compiled and analyzed, packed in a clear-cut analysis with predictions and forecasts. NumberFire deals perfectly with both complex and simple data, with both abundant and hard to find, but very important pieces of information. Regardless of what sport or sports you’re into, NumberFire can be your asset. Daily Fantasy Sports, Sports and Race Betting, NumberFire is your tech sidekick that holds crucial advice!

Another great feature of NumberFire are the “Q&A Panel”. It’s a platform where DFS players can communicate, ask questions, connect, network, basically socialize with one objective in mind, to get better at what they want most. There are more than 50,000,000 people who are in direct touch with fantasy sports, one way or another. NumberFire urges its customers to communicate their issues, doubts, opinions both with NumberFire itself and with other players as well.

NumberFire has an Affordable Price Tag, and Limitless Possibilities

All things considered, NumberFire can be your best friend and your biggest asset in your sports betting and daily fantasy sports adventures. Moreover, the price tag that comes with this cutting edge piece of software can hardly be matched. Sure, you might find cheaper packages on the internet, but it’s highly unlikely they can match what numbeFire brings to the table. In simple words, it offers high value for money.

Yes, you can try it for free, but you won’t have access to NumberFire’s premium features. As a paid subscriber, you can get the latest, the best, and in all honesty, the most accurate predictions available on the web.

Go Premium to get Access to Thorough Analytics, Accurate Predictions and Unique Tools

As the name suggests, the tag premium stands for a very good reason. The free subscription shows you only the tip of the iceberg. On top of the perks that come with this entry level subscription, as a premium user, you get the following:

  • Optimize your lineups on desktop or mobile with a few clicks or taps on the screen, using the continuously updated NumberFire algorithm technology.
  • Unrestricted access to the complete array of premium statistics and research tools.
  • On demand prepared predictions picks for every under/over or game spread for NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAAF and NCAAB.
  • Complete wager and draft strategy for the aforementioned leagues/sports.


You’re probably well-aware of the exponential growth daily fantasy sports have experienced in the past few years. Both the number of players and the number of providers keeps on growing. Tech companions like numbeFire are a necessity, not a luxury. When in doubt, it’s always best to opt for the renowned, well-recognized entity, like NumberFire is. We recommend to register right away, and have a good look around with the free subscription. Also, we’re quite sure that you will go premium once you realize, once you understand the premium features’ full potential. For such a small price, you’re miles ahead of your opponents.

FAQ NumberFire Casino Review

You offer a promo code which will discount the first month subscription, but there's a free trial. Are there any differences, special advantages? chevron-down-icon

Of course there are. By becoming a paid, subscribed customer of NumberFire you unlock all premium features and for a full month. On the other hand, the free trial has a shorter time window, and not all features are available. For only $9.99 you can get the full array of features at your disposal.

Do I need to pay every single month, manually? chevron-down-icon

No. Once you subscribe, NumberFire will manually charge you for the upcoming month. This happes at the end of each calendar month. In case you want to cancel your subscription, you should do it yourself, manually.