Casinos licensed in Quebec, Canada



Quebec is a province in Canada. As in any other place in Canada, online gambling is allowed by the federal law. This is the main reason why you should not be worrying that your credit card deposit will be rejected. All online casinos are closely monitored to prevent any wrongdoings to their respective customers.
In the online casinos that are under Quebec’s jurisdiction you will find all sorts of games that are common in any land or online casino. Being a bilingual province means that you will find casinos that offer their services both in French and in English.


The regulatory body in Quebec is Loto-Quebec. It is created in the distant 1969 and it has operated three casinos ever since. It governs and controls all gambling activities within Quebec and is responsible for preventing wrongdoings, scams and exploiting the vulnerable.
In January 2010, the government authorized the regulatory body to start offering gambling services to its residents.
There are some slight problems regarding gambling within Quebec on foreign online casinos. There is no law that explicitly states that this is illegal, therefore you can use foreign online casinos, however, there are no promises that this will not change in the future.
Online casinos located in Quebec seem to be very limited in terms of quantity and even those that are present are closely regulated and controlled. The focus is on quality on the player’s experience and not on quantity.

Limited offer of eGambling in Quebec

It seems like the government is trying to protect the domestic “supply” of gambling by attempting to limit the outside influence of casinos licensed in other jurisdictions. This may sound very reasonable, but that is not in line with the principles of other jurisdictions.
In effect this protectionism resulted with people getting angry at this legislature and they are still using foreign licensed casinos. Maybe it is the offer the foreign online casinos have or maybe it is the customer service. Whatever the case may be, Quebec is a wonderful example of how online gambling cannot be limited to solely being domestic.

Casinos which have this licence