The Best Malta Licensed Online Casinos | 2018

Malta, The Base of Operations for Most Online Casinos

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is the legislative body governing gambling activities under Maltese authority. Malta was the first EU country to start regulating remote gambling aka online casinos.
Online gambling is regarded as gambling which is conducted through a media of communication. The regulation is neutral regarding the technology that is used for the process, however almost all online games fall under the Online Gambling Jurisdiction. Most of the code of conduct derives from the Remote Gaming Regulations 2004.

Top 21 MGA Online Casinos

Licenses Offered by the Malta Gaming Authority

In order to get a license in Malta, the applicant must apply for the relevant class, in other words what type of activities is the applicant going to undertake upon receiving the license. There are 4 classes and they are:

  1. Class 1. It includes games that you are most likely to find in a casino, skill games and other online lotteries. The operator will be responsible for the risk of repetitive games.
  2. Class 2. In this class you can find fixed odds betting , spread betting and pool betting and the operator is responsible for the risk of events one might find in a matchbook.
  3. Class 3. In this category you can find the P2P, betting exchange, poker network. The operator is taking commission based on a percentage from promoting or betting games.
  4. Class 4. This one is special and it allows the licensee to host and govern remote gaming operators, but the licensee itself cannot operate as an operator. This license is mainly for software vendors.

Security & Regulation in MGA Online Casinos

The law states that the license lasts up to 5 years. Upon expiring the license can be renewed for the same period.
The main goal of the commission is to ensure the players are treated fairly and in a proper manner. Another goal is to prevent any money laundering that might occur.
The license can be revoked if the authorities deem it’s necessary and reasonable to proceed with that course of action.
Having a Maltese gambling license proves that the casino truly has stepped up to get the accreditation since they rules and the application process is really strict.

Maltese online casinos are in charge for online casinos entertaining players from New Zealand, to Europe, all the way to Canada and Latin America.