The best online casinos accepting US players

Online Gaming in the United States of America

We’re all aware of USA’s renowned gaming hubs such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City, which may lead you to believe that gambling is popular across all states. That is not the case, in fact there are only 20 states where gambling is allowed in at least one form.

When it comes to online gambling, there are no laws that define it as an illegal act. Moreover, online casinos that accept USA players are situated and licensed in jurisdictions which do not fall under USA laws, meaning players can freely bet and collect their winnings using these sites.

USA Players Are One of a Kind Player Group

Due to certain legislation USA players have a tough time finding slot games to play. Only a limited portion of casino software providers are actually allowed to offer their games to players residing on USA soil. Since we are very aware of this issue we decided to devise a list of The Most Popular Slots For USA Online Casino Players. The list includes spectacular games which we kindly recommend. This list will expand and grow, hopefully it will become the place where you will look first whenever you feel like trying out a new game. We will not allow rules and regulations to be the obstacle between you and great game content.


Casinos accepting players from USA

The Market US Gambling Market

With the exploding popularity of online gambling, a great deal of casinos have made an effort to accommodate USA players, therefore it is easy to find an online casino that will suit your needs.

Although the legal regulations set in place in 2006 disallowed American banks to perform transactions with gambling entities, these online casinos offer alternative ways of depositing and withdrawal, making it a non-issue.

Rules and Regulations

Land casinos are the only gambling entities physically situated in the USA that allow gambling. There are no casinos situated and/or licensed on American soil.

This is why you have online casinos licensed under various jurisdictions such as Antigua & Barbuda or Kahnawake that have different laws, allowing residents of the USA to bet freely in such casinos.


In the USA, all winnings generated from gambling are counted as income. Although small winnings are irrelevant and should not get you in trouble, you should keep track of your winnings during gambling sessions if you plan on gambling in the long term.

Given the nature of how USA taxation works, it is impossible to determine a fixed tax rate on your winnings, as it depends on the amount you’ve won throughout the year.