Top Casino Payment Methods for Swedish Players

Top Casino Payment Methods for Swedish Players

Players from all around the world have access to online casinos, but the densest center of passionate players is Sweden. Even the government had to react and make all forms of gambling fully legal, including online and land-based, also known as bricks and mortar.

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Because it’s such a big market, online casinos are continuously making efforts to make deposits and withdrawals as convenient as possible. Before we give you the list of top casino payment methods for Swedish players, we’re going to take a look at what makes one payment method an appropriate option for online casino players, with Swedish players in mind.

Payment Methods Criteria for Casino Players

If you can choose what deposit or withdrawal method you want to use, you should have a few things in mind. As a Swedish player, you have plenty of payment options to choose from. Due to the cooperation between the casino industry and the payment providers, new options have emerged.

However, not all are appropriate for an online casino player. Any player should consider the following:

  • Availability – In simple words, can you obtain the payment method and is that payment method widely accepted among online casinos? If the answer is no to any of these, you should look for a different option. You don’t want the payment method to limit your options, you want it to create more!
  • Privacy – The privacy issue has been raised on many occasions. Who and why has access to your personal and banking information is of great importance. Certain types of payment methods act as a buffer, an additional layer of security that protects the player’s privacy, the likes of e-wallets and prepaid cards.
  • Transaction Fees – Regardless of the payment method type, fees are inevitable, but you have the control to choose the payment method that comes with the lowest fees possible. Funding fees are charged when you load your account, or when you make a deposit at an online casino. For example, e-wallets usually charge between 2.0% and 3.0% of the amount you deposit to the e-wallet. Some e-wallets charge a fixed fee of say 20 SEK.
    Fees cannot be avoided, eventually you have to pay the payment provider for the services it has provided to you.
  • Maintenance Fees – These are the almost insignificant fees you incur monthly, annually, and the fees you pay when you obtain the card or the account. Yes, some of these are one time payments, but there’s a difference between paying 300 SEK for a card, and not paying at all.
  • Efficiency – Lastly, but probably most importantly, players should be aware of the nature of the payment method they use. Although almost all deposits reflect instantly on your account balance, some payment method cannot boast with this feature. You should also have the withdrawals in mind. How long does it take to receive the funds you’ve withdrawn?
  • Versatility – This is one of the biggest issues many players face, because they weren’t wary of the payment method’s purpose. Many payment methods can be used only as means to deposit with. Once they wish to withdraw their winnings, they have to look for a different payment provider. Bank wires are usually the only “convenient” option they have, which directly affect the player’s privacy.

The payment methods listed below are the popular ones among Swedish online casino players. Bear in mind, almost all of these can be used in other places.


The undisputed, leading payment provider in Sweden is a VISA credit card. It’s the world’s most wide-spread, most well-known credit card. You don’t have to go more than a few meters to find a store where you can use a VISA card. It’s been around for decades, manifesting integrity, high level of security, to their customers who use their cards in local stores or for making online purchases.

Literally every single online casino accepts VISA as a deposit method, but you can also withdraw with it. Besides funding your online gaming hobby, you can use the same card for buying groceries, making other online purchases.

Sweden is a developed country, which makes VISA the most easily accessible, widely available, payment method for Swedish online casino players. Usually your bank can, but not necessarily, charge you a 2.5% fee on transactions. If you withdraw with VISA, withdrawals usually take between 1 and 5 days.

VISA Electron

VISA’s counterpart, its younger sister, the VISA Electron is the most popular debit card in the world, but in Sweden as well. As the name suggests, its purpose was to meet the needs of people who want to make online purchases safely and securely.

You can obtain one from your local bank. Banks are the only institutions that can provide you with a debit card, VISA Electron in particular. Some bank might require you to pay them a visit to allow making online purchases. VISA Electron is among Sweden’s favorite payment methods mainly because players can deposit and withdraw. However, the withdrawals are made directly to the player’s account, and yet again the player’s privacy is put in jeopardy.

In essence, depositing via VISA Electron, VISA and any other credit or debit card, is pretty much the same. Players need to complete the same procedure to transfer funds to their casino player account.


VISA’s greatest competitor, MasterCard, is also rather popular among Swedish casino players. However, we must point out that MasterCard has one major flaw, which only experienced casino players are aware of. That being said, only players from certain countries can make withdrawals via MasterCard, and Sweden’s not one of the.

On the other hand, if you happen to have a MasterCard in your wallet at this moment, you can still play any online casino games with real money at this moment. There are no restrictions in Sweden that might prevent you from depositing and playing with real money at an online casino. The same terms that apply to VISA deposits are applicable to MasterCard deposits as well.

We hope that one day, Swedish casino players will be able to withdraw their winnings via MasterCard. It will certainly make their online gaming experience much more pleasant.


Although a debit card that cannot be used as a withdrawal method, Maestro still is a popular deposit method among players from Sweden. And there’s a good reason for this! Debit cards have one and only one advantage over their counterparts, you cannot spend more than you have in your bank account.

Despite having other, more convenient and cost-efficient payment options, Swedish players tend to be conservative when it comes to funding an online casino account. If you happen to be a casino player from Sweden who’s looking for an all-inclusive payment method, we recommend opting for a different method, other than Maestro.


Created by Swedes, operated by Swedes, and used by Swedes, we present you Trustly. Formerly known as Instantbank, following the re-branding it experienced major expansion. Although its headquarters are in Sweden, players from other countries prefer Trustly over other conventional payment methods.

Trustly does not require players to open an account. Instead, the player provides the necessary details to the casino, or to be more precise, you provide the details via an encrypted connection to your bank via the online casino. This means you do not have to open a separate Trustly account when you deposit. Since this is in fact an online banking payment provider, withdrawals are possible, but they act as Bank Wire transfers, but without the extra cost.

The future belongs to payment providers like Trustly is. It’s cost-efficient, time efficient, widely-available and due to Sweden being a popular online casino market, it’s quite versatile and creates a lot of options.


Here’s a payment method made to deliver a platform for safe and easy mobile deposits. Formerly known as PugglePay, Zimpler revolutionize how mobile players fund their online casino balances. Please do not misinterpret Zimpler’s nature. The deposit charge is not reflected on your phone bill, instead, your phone number only acts as the basis, the starting point of the deposit and the ending. You will receive the invoice you have to pay via your phone, but we repeat, it will not be included in your phone bill.

Zimpler has one of the most convenient and easy to use mobile apps, which makes it more attractive to mobile players. Note, Zimpler is available only to players from Sweden and Finland. It’s the privilege only two of the greatest online gaming markets get to benefit from. Use it!


If you’ve read this entire page closely, you must’ve noticed how we mentioned the issue of privacy several times already. PaySafeCard is the ultimate payment method that provides the highest level of privacy to online casino players. It’s a pre-paid card, a voucher, which you can get in your local store. It’s available all around the world, and as it turns out, it’s rather popular among casino players from Sweden.

Casual players who like to treat themselves with some casino action, but who do not want to overextend, use PaySafeCard as their standard deposit option. If they’re lucky enough to win, they withdraw their winnings with an alternative withdrawal method. PaySafe made great efforts to add additional features to PaySafeCard, eventually turning it into an e-wallet. Like its competitor Trustly, PaySafeCard has a bright future.

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