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The gambling legislation in South Africa went through an extreme roller coaster over the past few decades. At one point in time all sort of gambling activities and services were banned with betting on horse racing being legal. As governments changed, so did the laws and regulations regarding gambling in specific. In 1994 when the democrats came to power all gambling activities were legalized and in 1995 a licensing system was put in place with only one national lottery. Furthermore horse racing was put into the category of gambling as well.

The National Gambling Board was established in 1996 and it had the responsibility of governing and controlling the gambling industry on the grounds of South Africa.  A decade ago the authorities tried to put a leash on illegal casinos and other type of gambling activities. They organized around 450 raids. However, the interest and the demand for gambling were so high that eventually new operators became part of the gambling market.

Rules and Regulations

Despite the licensing system South African casino had no success in attracting their domestic players. International competition crushed them, especially casinos licensed in Curacao and Gibraltar. Not only were South African players confused by the rapidly changing laws, but the casino operators were put in a very disadvantageous position. They couldn’t rely on the current laws as they expected them to change. The National Gambling Act of 2004 made all online gambling activities illegal. Since then the government has held a strong grip on gambling with minor changes in regulations that allowed for sports betting and horse racing. In 2008 there was an attempt to finally legalize online gambling, but this amendment came across harsh critics. The Act was confronted and never came in force.

In 2010 the Board finally made all gambling activities illegal, even those provided by servers located outside of South Africa. Note that players residing in South Africa are still playing at online casinos operated overseas. Due to the lack of control and the lack of interest on the authorities’ behalf there seems to be no barrier. At least players have never felt the wrath of the government.

Casinos accepting players from South Africa

The Casino Market in South Africa

Only land based casinos are legal on the grounds of South Africa. The Acts that are currently in force restrict all sorts of online casinos gambling activities. Most of the casinos are located in metropolitan areas, but the largest is the Tusk Rio Casino Resort. Another very popular land based casino is the Tsogo Sun Montecasino located in the Johannesburg area.

Despite the restrictions players can still enjoy in casino games, but it is illegal. If the government decides to organize a witch hunt for every individual person who plays online you may want to consider changing the way you have fun.

Tax Matters

Since you’ll be part of an illegal activity you shouldn’t worry about any tax whatsoever. Winning a larger sum of money may put you in jeopardy. If you’re playing at some online casino located outside of South Africa stay on the lookout for any changes in the gambling legislation. It’s better to prevent it than deal with it.