Online casinos accepting Australian players



Aussies are the most passionate casino visitors, both land and online ones in the world. Because of this the “issues” caused by irresponsible gambling has had a hard blow for Australia’s authorities. In the past 25 years the legislation went back and forth with gambling being fully restricted for few years and then after a new law comes to force some forms of gambling become legal. The media overwhelmed all residents of Australia with confusing information regarding the legality of casino gambling.

However, what is of your concern for the time being you can fully enjoy playing at a licensed and legitimate online casino. The government cannot impose any restrictions whatsoever.


Casinos accepting players from Australia

Rules and Regulation

The Interactive Gaming Act of 2001 prohibited domestic casino to accept wagers from Australians. This didn’t last very long as in 2006 the Casino Control Act allowed land casinos to accept all willing players. They are closely monitored by the regulator to ensure that the operator is not taking advantage of the vulnerable and must promote responsible gambling.

Online casinos are not allowed to advertise their services. Because of this you won’t find any popular Australian online casino. If you you’d like to enjoy gaming from the comfort of your home your best option is to head to some of the online casinos listed below.

The Casino Market in Australia

As an Australian you can enjoy in a dozen of land based casinos scattered on the east coast. Each of them is closely regulated by the respected regulator. Most of the game assortment is almost the same at all land casinos because of the rigorous guidelines imposed with the Casino Control Act of 2006. If you want a refreshing gaming experience you have the freedom of playing at some of the best online casinos out there, with your computer or with some of your mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

We hope for your sake the legislation won’t change and prohibit casino gambling completely. However, this is highly improbable since there are no means to make the whole system effective and efficient. Kudos to you!

Tax Matters

All casino winnings are tax free. However, to be sure you better check this section frequently since the Australian legislation related to gambling is rather volatile and history proved that it changes fairly often. You can enjoy in slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and many, many other casino games at the below listed online casinos. You can even play while you’re commuting, during coffee brakes, anytime, anywhere. The coffee comes with VAT, but your winnings are tax free.