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Payment Options

CasinoBordeaux certainly offers a lot of deposit and withdrawal options, but that’s why their terms and conditions include a lot of different rules that target banking in particular. You’d be surprised by the extent of the rules if you take some time going through the rules yourself. Nevertheless, here we’ll show you the most notable terms you should be aware of regarding depositing and withdrawing.

This online casino reserves the right to set their own deposit and withdrawal limits at their discretion. Meaning, the rules that are of your concern can change in an instant. If one player has deposited less than €200, Casino Bordeaux sets a maximum withdrawal limit of 10x the deposit amount. Furthermore, if you happen to set your own deposit limit in order to put constraints on how much you wager, Casino Bordeaux will limit your withdrawal on a monthly basis, putting a 5x of your deposit limit as a withdrawal limit. It seems like CasinoBordeaux wants to reduce the risk of losing to a skilled or fortunate player by imposing complex limits.

We should also point out that it may take up to 24 hours before the deposit is reflected on your cash balance. However, the deposit is usually available right away. There are no fees on deposits on CasinoBordeaux’s end. 

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Withdrawal Options

Besides the rather extensive complex terms and conditions, all players are required to provide a set of documents to verify their identity, the payment method, and to provide a proof of their residence. Failing to provide these documents will void all winnings and any remaining real money will be refunded.

There’s  a standard monthly withdrawal limit of €5,000. Note, withdrawal limit we mentioned earlier can override this limit. The minimum amount one player can withdraw is €100. Considering the fact that there are online casinos that allow players to withdraw as little as €5, we can confidently state this is an extremely high minimum withdraw amount. CasinoBordeaux will charge a 5% fee if you request a refund for whatever reason. Then again, they reserve the right to not refund your deposit.

The rules seem to be rather vague when they concern the player’s interest. On the other hand, when a term concerns them the rules are complex, long and at times confusing.

In the Payment Options section you can find all payment methods available at CasinoBordeaux, filtered according to the country in which they are available. This is probably the only feature we can point out.

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