Best Online Casino Promotions | 2018

Online Casino Promotions - Take Part, Play, Win, Repeat!

Speaking out of experience, finding the best online casino promotions can be exhausting. Going through hundreds of online casinos, checking the details 3 times as many promotions sure is time consuming. However, we’re in touch with online casinos on a daily basis, and we  use every opportunity we get to list an extra promotion on this page. Instead of wandering  around, whenever you feel like taking part in a giveaway, or you like to get a chance at winning a travel arrangement, visit this page. It’s all you need!

Players who like to jump into action right away can select and join any of the casinos below. The rest of you can find some promotion related information below.

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Types of Online Casino Promotions

The operators’ creativity is limitless! There are tons of promotions, and they come in different shapes and sizes. However, we can put them in several different categories based on their nature, how they work, and what players need to do in order to benefit from them.

Bear in mind, some online casinos offer one or two of these, others do not offer any promotions whatsoever. Most of the promotions are not visible to new players. It might take some before you become eligible for some of them, especially if you claim the welcome bonuses. We’re going to talk about that as well, whether bonuses or promos come on top.


They are exactly what you think they are. An online casino can offer a set of prizes, usually there’s one or two extremely attractive prizes, such as a luxurious travel arrangement, VIP tickets for sports and entertainment events and so on. There are consolation prizes that come in the form of Free Spins, bonus money, a spin on the Wheel of Fortune, basically anything the operator wants to  give away.

Giveaways, and/or raffles are perfect for passionate casino players. They do not have do go out of their way to complete the requirements, yet they still get a chance to win one of the spectacular, or consolation prizes. Free stuff is always welcome, even when it comes with hefty requirements. Don’t question the casino’s generosity if it’s treating you fairly.

Wheel of Fortune Casino Promos

Unless you’ve been under the rock for the past 30 years, you must’ve seen a Wheel of Fortune, be that on TV or at an online casino. Online casinos treat their players with a chance at the Wheel of Fortune. Some online casinos like to give this Wheel of Fortune spin as soon as players register. To make matters more interesting, there are casinos which offer a welcome bonus based on the outcome of the spin.

Random Cash Drops

Unlike giveaways, Random Cash Drops are ongoing, well usually they are. A good example is 888 Casino’s “Win a bonus every time the roulette ball hits ‘8’”. According to the rules of the promotion, every time the ball lands on the number 8, players get €8 in bonus money! Now, there are online casinos that do similar stuff, and some of them are willing to hand out cash instead of bonus money.

Bonus Cash Prizes

Much like the Random Cash Drops, bonus cash prizes are also usually recurring. But even if they aren’t, they are pretty similar. To illustrate, say you’re playing the qualifying slot. As per the promotion rules, if you manage to trigger the bonus feature 3 or 4 times, you win a guaranteed prize. You know how much you’re going to get, but only if you manage to trigger the bonus feature a number of times, as specified in the T&C.

Promotions of this  kind are rarely worth it. They require too much real money, too many spins to get the job done.

Boosted Loyalty Points (2x, 3x)

Loyalty points are the secondary currency in online casinos, and the primary at online casino shops. Loyalty points can change one player’s experience at a casino in so many ways. You can get bonus deals, bonus money, free spins, branded merchandise, gadgets and much, much more. It all comes down to what’s put on display at the loyalty point store. Note, they don’t necessarily need to be called loyalty points. Usually, they have a name that’s in line with the overall theme of the casino.

Are Online Casino Promotions Worth It?

According to some community experts, they’re the only thing that gives a casino identity. We totally agree with this! They tell more about the casino’s objective than the casino game library itself. Nowadays, the range of legit, reputable online casinos offers the same games. It’s the same providers everywhere. What makes them unique are the bonus offers and the promotions!

We  pay great attention to the promotions pages because that’s pretty much everything that sets casinos apart, besides their reputation, past performance and customer support quality.

Which Online Casinos Offer the Best Promotions

Big, well-established online casinos offer recurring, ongoing promotions that are worth it. Take for instance, the following online casinos. All of them have “colorful” promotions pages. By colorful, we mean there’s a variety of promotions displayed. Some of them are expired, but they are a good indicator of what you can expect in the foreseeable future if promotions is what you’re looking for.


Promotions and Bonus Deals – What’s the Difference?

The difference is simple, yet very important. Bonus deals come with wagering requirements in 99% of the cases, whereas promotions are usually free from wagering requirements. Other than this, both types of treats can require a deposit, both can come with a cashout limit, and both can specify a list of qualifying games.

In short, if you’re a “Promotion Hunter” you have one less thing to worry about. However, just to be sure, always check the terms and conditions, because they are always different. The title of the promotion can be the same, but the terms are different, ALWAYS!

Now, you are fully prepared to take part in a promotion, win a trip, or at the very least a number of free spins!