The Best No Deposit Bonus of 2020

The No Deposit Casino Bonus - Simple to grasp yet harder to come by! Back in the day they used to be all over the internet. With regulations tightening up though and bonus abuse skyrocketing, that all seems to be changing. That’s not to say that bonuses of this kind have ceased to exist. No deposit bonuses are a great way to attract new casino players after all, which makes them particularly popular at new brands. Some of the veterans have them too, you’ll just need to know where to look. Or you can let us do the work. Here are the best no deposit bonuses available.

Top 11 No Deposit Bonuses

Our top list above is more than enough to get you kickstarted. It is however important to point out that these offers are subject to change. Country restrictions also apply particularly where the UK Gambling Commission is concerned. We’ll look into region-exclusive offers later though.

Are there Any New No Deposit Bonus Casinos?

new casinos no deposit bonuses

Some of the old-timers like 888 Casino, are known to stick to the same bonus packages; free play in this case. Combine that with the fact that this type of promotion is generally harder to come by. You can start to see why finding a new no deposit bonus could get rather tricky. That’s where our previously outlined list should come in handy. We’ve thrown some of the latest offers amidst the ones you’ve probably heard of.

Check back to our list of the best no deposit bonus deals for some new casino offers online. Just remember to read the terms, but we’ll get to that soon. 

No Deposit Casino Bonus 101 – The Basics

no deposit bonus basics

Let’s take a step back to the basics. What are no deposit casino bonuses? For starters, they’re a type of casino bonus with the aims of giving players an extra boost. As the name suggests, the trigger for the bonus deal is not a deposit. This is why they tend to go down well with new customers and sign-up offers. Free money, free play, sign-up spins; these are all terms that you can expect to come across. They all form under the same family with some key differences that we’ll go into below. But the most important thing from your perspective as a player is that they are the free way to find out if you really like an online casino.

Free Bonus Money – No Deposit Required

Bonus money is most commonly attributed to match deposit bonuses. That said, you may also come across the phrase ‘online casino free bonus money’. It’s important to note that the term ‘bonus’ makes all of the difference. The casino isn’t handing out ‘free money’ as some might assume but rather funds to be used on bonuses. Still it can give you that extra edge except that you may be restricted to playing certain casino games only. That’s usually slots but we’ll look at no deposit bonus policies later on.

Free Play Offers

In most cases, bonus money is offered to new and existing players. It used to be advertised as ‘Free Money’ however we are moving away from this because it’s not actually cash. Think of it as casino game credits instead. Renowned casinos have replaced this with ‘No Deposit Bonus’, which in all honesty, is on point, and communicates the nature of the bonus more clearly. Some like 888 Casino have taken a more original approach and gone with the term 'Free Play'.

Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

Free spins, no deposit required’; another popular phrase at online casinos. It’s similar to the previously explained bonus type; except for one big difference. Instead of bonus money, players are given a set number of free spins or bonus spins in the UK. Again, it’s usually a minimal amount but enough to give new players a kickstart.

As to which is the better option; it depends on a number of factors. Primarily, the bonus terms are what will help players make up their minds. Free spins are obviously limited to slot games but often enough so is free money. Then again, subjectivity will also play a role here.

There is one major difference in the terms. Some casinos let you simply keep the winnings from your Spins, without ANY turnover requirements. This is one the best and friendliest versions of a no deposit bonus in our eyes. Betfair Casino is one of our favourites.

Betfair Casino Logo
Betfair Casino
5 / 5
Bonus Spins
30 Spins
Deposit Bonus
Bet €/£20 Get 100 Free Spins
New Casino players from UK & Ireland only. SMS verification required. T&Cs apply. By taking part in this promotion, you agree with our Terms & Conditions.

No Deposit Bonuses & Slots

We’ve mentioned slots a few times now and that is because they are the casino game most associated with promotions in general. The same goes for online casino no deposit bonuses. Sign-up spins for instance are only valid on slot games. Bonus money is sometimes opened up to a wider range of games but that is where it’s worth checking the terms. When it comes to completing wagering requirements, not all games contribute equally. Online slots are usually the most favorable with table games sometimes not even contributing at all. 

slots no deposit bonuses

It’s also worth mentioning jackpot slots. In general, progressives are usually out of the reach of no depositing players. There are always those exceptions though, such as at Playtech online casinos. In the past, these gaming sites multiplied the interest in their jackpot network by offering sign-up free spins on their notorious Age of the Gods slots.

Why is this the case? Well, every single spin that you make on a progressive jackpot slot must contribute to the whole network and feed the jackpot. This way, the free spins would get increasingly expensive for the online casino, so they rule them out.

What About the Fine Print?

A bonus is only as good as it’s respective policy. This is even more so when it comes to the no deposit kind. Phrases like ‘free money’ or ‘free spins, no deposit required’ come across as too good to be through. Unfortunately, in some cases they are; especially when you start to read the conditions. Here’s our take on some of the key terms to look out for.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering, turnover or playthrough requirement; it’s a standard procedure at most online casinos. We say most here as there are also those ‘wager-free’ casinos that are starting to pop up. They are few and far between plus we have yet to come across a wager-free no deposit bonus.

Deposit bonuses come with significantly lower wagering requirements, in the range of 30 times the bonus amount, or 25 times the deposit + bonus amount, and go up to staggering 50x the deposit + bonus value. On the other end, there are no deposit bonuses, with values up to twice as high. Here’s what to expect below.

  • No Deposit Free Spins - 30x to 100x the winnings amount
  • No Deposit Bonus Money - 50x to 100x the bonus amount awarded

Obviously the lower the playthrough requirement, the easier it will be complete and cash out real money.

Cashout Limits

High wagering requirements isn’t your only issue. This type of casino bonus almost always come with a specified maximum win limit, or maximum cashout limit. The value can range from anywhere between €/£/$20 and €/£/$200. Our main issue here is with the actual online casinos. Some gaming sites bury this term deep within their general terms. Luckily though we’re starting to see more transparency courtesy of licensing bodies like the MGA and UKGC.

Withdrawal Policy

Most no deposit bonus casinos will have certain policies in place when it comes to withdrawal of winnings. Again, a lot don’t make this clear in the specific terms. That’s fine for the experience online casino player but less so where new customers are concerned. You can start to understand why certain authorities like the Gambling Commission in the United Kingdom are starting to intervene.

Even though they are called no deposit bonuses, in most cases you’ll be asked to make a deposit before cashing out any winnings. Then again, you’re still able to claim the bonus with no strings attached. The purpose of this deposit is to verify the payment method and your identity. It’s just something to be aware of should you decide to cashout after.

Country & Game Restrictions

No deposit casinos don’t tend to stick to a ‘one size fits all policy’ but rather tailor things to specific markets. In spite of the regulations in countries like Australia and the US for instance, online casino sites still offer no deposit bonuses to their residents. The terms will just be different and here’s where you may start to need bonus codes too.

Players from the UK have long been and still are a focal point in the world of online casinos. Then again, they’re also regulated by one of the strictest licensing bodies as we’ve mentioned a few times. What this means is that no deposit casinos in this particular region are becoming scarce. There are of course some exceptions but we’ll take a look at UK exclusive bonuses later on.

At this stage it’s also important to point out game restrictions. We already took a look at slots in the previous section, but this goes beyond casino game types. Free spins or even bonus money is usually limited to a particular slot or at most a specific provider. Usually it’s NetEnt or Betsoft; depending on the markets. In fact, slots like Starburst are particularly known for their free spins. Then again this is usually left down to the gaming site which is why it’s something to look out for.


Whether it’s by SMS or via email, most no deposit casinos will require players to verify their identity. This is particularly important when it comes to the sign-up bonus type because it helps to protect against money laundering.

Completing the verification process is the straightforward part. Just follow the steps as guided by the casino. While you’re at it, you may also be required to opt-in. Again, this all comes down to the specific gaming site.

Always Check for A No Deposit Bonus Code!

Here’s another important term to be aware of. So important that, bonus codes warrant a section of their own. Back in the day, this system was the only thing that made bonus play possible. Deposit bonuses were easy to handle, but the only way to track free bonuses was with casino bonus codes.

That has all changed now, particularly when it comes to UK casinos online. No general description fits all operators which provide no deposit bonus codes. Take for instance 7Bit Casino. They’re popular for their exquisite existing customer offers, and you guessed it, they have a promo code system. On the other hand, BitStarz Casino is an example of how an online casino can offer no deposit bonuses which are claimed directly. Then there’s those exclusives where you’ll need to follow our Casinocountdown special links to be eligible.

To a certain extent, we prefer systems with casino bonus codes. This is mostly because it gives players more security that simply having faith in a link. Luckily, the initial stages in claiming no deposit bonuses are risk free. At most, you’ll need to sign up to the casino to check whether the offer is in fact valid.

Time to Snap One Up

By now, you can probably start to understand what all the hype around the no deposit bonus is about. Take new players for instance, this type of bonus can make the difference in your early days at an online casino. If nothing else, they give you the opportunity to test the gambling site. For those that have their minds made up about claiming this type of bonus, here’s how to do just that below.

What should you do if a bonus code is not required?

With the advent of technology, no deposit bonus codes are slowly becoming a thing of the past. It’s highly likely that the next bonus you’re going to claim will ask for no code. You should look for a link that will take you to a special landing page. We at CasinoCountdown make this simple. Just click on the “Claim” button, and you’re one step closer to that “no code free bonus money” deal. For further guidance, we suggest taking a look at the step by step approach below.

How to Claim an Online Casino No Deposit Bonus?

  1. Find a valid no deposit casino
  2. Ensure that the offer is available in your country
  3. For further information read our casino review and pay close attention to the bonus policy section
  4. It makes sense to compare different no deposit bonuses before taking your pick
  5. Once you have your mind made up click the “Claim” button.
  6. In some cases, you’ll need to enter a no deposit bonus code.
  7. You may also need to opt-in for the offer and verify player identity.
  8. Once registration and verification is complete, start playing on the house, no deposit required.

To reiterate, you will have to deposit down the road. That is, if you win and if you have completed the wagering requirements.

How to Find a No Deposit Bonus Casino?

Now that you have more of an insight into the actual bonus, we’ll take you through the casinos. Firstly, finding one isn’t always an easy task. No deposit bonuses aren’t as widespread as they used to be. Even when you do come across one, your next challenge is in the actual terms for reasons we explained previously. Here’s a list to help guide through choosing the right no deposit casino.

  1. Check back to our no deposit bonus list above and read through the reviews
  2. Shop around rather than sticking to the same no deposit casino
  3. Look out for newcomers as they are more likely to offer this type of bonus
  4. Always check back to the bonus terms for each individual offer
  5. Stick to licensed casinos only
  6. Check for country eligibility

As you can probably imagine following the steps above requires patience. To further simplify the process, we’ve come up with some of our favourite offers for the main markets.

2020’s Best No Deposit Offer in the UK

Only a select few operators in the UK offer no deposit bonuses. Energy Casino just happens to be one of our favourites. It’s a free spins bonus at heart except that they’re called EnergySpins here. At 35x winnings, the wagering requirements are player friendly. The £100 maximum winnings is also less limiting than many others. All in all, the bonus policy is fair plus Energy can be considered one of the more reputable UK casinos out.

2020’s Best No Deposit Offer in Australia

When it comes to gambling regulations down under, a lot has happened in recent years. Still some online casinos open their doors to players from here. Take Bitstarz Casino for example. They are offering players from Australia 20 sign-up spins. Once again wagering requirements and maximum cashout limits are more favourable than others. If you happen to be from this jurisdiction then it’s one of the better gaming sites to join.

2020’s Best No Deposit Offer in Canada

Then there’s Canada, a market that seems to be growing quite quickly at the moment. In fact, recently we have been able to secure some exclusive casino bonuses. N1 Casino for instance is offering new players 50 free spins, no deposit required. At CA$75, the wagering requirement is also decent. As far as gaming sites in this region go, this is definitely one of the more generous ones of the moment.

An Online Casino Free Bonus Worth Claiming

Bonuses will always attract players. That’s even more apparent when you aren’t required to make a deposit. As we have seen though, no deposit bonuses aren’t always as good as they may seem. Conflicting terms mean that in more cases than not, you’ll be ‘forced’ to make a deposit at some point. Still, free bonus money, or free spins for that matter, can give you a much-needed boost.

The next time a no deposit bonus catches your eye, you may just want to check back to the fine print beforehand. There are some great deals out there but it’s just as easy to get caught out.

No Deposit Bonus FAQs

🎁What are no deposit bonuses?
These are bonuses which do not require players to make a deposit. There are various types of no deposit bonuses such as free spins and free bonus money. Promotions of this kind are relatively scarce, and in most cases directed at new players as part of a welcome bonus.
❓How does an online casino no deposit bonus work?
No deposit bonuses usually come in the form of bonus money or free spins. Either way, they are awarded to players without the need to make a deposit. There are however other terms that need to be fulfilled. This is why we always suggest checking back to the full bonus policy.
✏️Do I need no deposit bonus codes to be eligible?
Not always. No deposit bonus codes used to be popular at online casinos. Today, that seems to be changing. Still some gaming sites use this system which is why you should always check the full terms. We also point out valid promo codes in our casino reviews.
📱Are there any mobile casino no deposit bonus offers?
Yes. No deposit casinos no longer offer mobile exclusive offers. Instead they make their promotions available across all platforms. If the bonus is available on desktop then it’s also available on mobile. As always, the same terms and conditions apply.
🔝Which is the best no deposit bonus online?
It depends on several aspects. Firstly, not all bonuses are available worldwide. In addition to this, offers differ in their terms and conditions. You can always check back to our no deposit bonus list for some of the best offers around. Just be sure to read our casino reviews for the full details.