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Editorial Guidelines

What do we mean when we say editorial guidelines? What do those words mean?

These are clear rules for all of our staff and writers who contribute to our pages. Regardless of the topic, they’re writing about, these guidelines should give you – as the reader - for an understanding of how we work.

Why These Guidelines Exist

If a sensitive topic such as gambling in focus, and the website makes money from advertising, then it’s essential there are clear, specific guidelines in place. These were developed in co-operation with the whole editorial team and are intended exclusively to offer the highest quality, best possible information about the subject of online casinos.

With these specific guidelines, we also set clear limits that the editorial team monitors when it comes to commercial content so that this website remains an informational tool for the readers, not just a sales channel for online gaming companies.

When Do the Guidelines Apply?

Our whole team must apply all of our guidelines to every single piece of content. Whether it’s a guide, review, or social media post, they apply to the same level. In addition to the content being written, we also have specifics that relate to the quality and information.

For example, it’s absolutely crucial that the content is always up to date when it comes to legal changes in a specific market because this impacts players directly. If, in our opinion, a casino review doesn’t help you make a more informed, qualified decision, we won’t publish it.

Our Principles and Why They Matter

Principles and accurate work are important to us. We write about online casinos and gambling in general. These are definitely topics that need to be handled with the upmost care and responsibility. We are always honest about this. 

This honesty means that our editorial team must always uphold the principles we have discussed. This means honest reviews, clear statements with no ambiguity about the dangers of gambling as well as common myths and theories.

Dealing in Facts

One of the cornerstones of our site is that the data and information presented is 100% correct and is kept up to date. This is why we revisit content to ensure it remains as accurate as when it was first written.

Original Content with No Plagiarism

Needless to say, we do not tolerate anyone in our office producing content that isn’t absolutely their own original work. All of our pages, including reviews of the best online casinos, are 100% original. In the case of any plagiarism, we have firm structures in place that extend to instant dismissal and potentially even reporting any instances that could be considered fraudulent.

Editorial Staff

All of the editors working on our site are industry experts in their respective fields. We work with both permanent staff and freelancers but every piece of content will always be checked by a full-time employee who can ensure it meets the high standards we expect.

Mistakes Within Our Content

We’re not perfect, and would certainly never claim to be. We can make mistakes and would be happy if you were to contact us highlighting these if you find one. We will be sure to act upon it quickly to resolve any confusion.


We use numerous sources when it comes to gathering our information. This includes press releases, social media, articles from newspapers or the trade press plus many other types of media. If something is used, it must meet the same editorial and journalistic standards we would expect of our contributors.

Affiliate Links

All the links added to our content are designed to give the reader the opportunity to discover more content. This includes affiliate links because the link to the operator should only be added in a relevant position where it’s suitable for the content to lead there.

Comments – Spam

Our comments are open and as a result, we have to make sure they are not legally questionable or spam before they are published. We remain open to allowing discussions, both positive and critical, as long as the comments in question are not fraudulent. We will always seek to provide fact or opinion that explains our position on any issue.

Business Relations

We are able to finance ourselves through deals with the providers, but it is still the case that ratings can’t be brought. This is made very clear before any discussions take place regarding a business relationship being put into place through a contract.