About Us

The name Casinocountdown.com explains the nature of the information we provide. Our team of gaming experts has more than 15 years of experience. This experience is effectively funneled into the creation of unbiased and transparent reviews, listings and guides which are of great use to any online casino player. Over the many years of presence on the online gambling scene, we’ve managed to stand out from the rest by partnering only with trusted and reputable online casinos.

This is an ongoing project, which means the information we offer is frequently updated to reflect the current performance of the casinos and the current market offer. Any guides you will find are prepared by our team members which have demonstrated exceptional knowledge in the given area.

What do we offer?

Our primary objective is to bring options to the table. Finding a reliable online gaming environment which meets the highest criteria can be both time consuming and demanding. Besides in-depth and regularly updated online casino reviews, we offer objective casino listings, based on facts and benchmarks that we have set.

The online casino lists we offer guide players from all over the world where to play next. There’s no one single market we target, we prefer the cosmopolitan approach.

How do we prepare our Casino Reviews?

Every single casino listed on Casinocountdown.com has to go through a timely process, during which we evaluate the core areas, how the operator treats players, what it has to offer and how it fares against its competitors. Any review is of use only if the information is relevant to the end user, but it also has to be accurate and packed in a way any casino player can understand it and make an informed decision.

Furthermore, our casino reviews are relative. This enables players to easily compare two or more online casinos should they be unable to make a clear-cut decision. Online casino bonuses are among the most important factor when players decide to play next, this applies to bonus hunters at the very least. As you will see, our bonus database is updated accordingly to reflect only the current live bonuses.

Rest assured, we would rather point out that we could not obtain a piece of information than to mislead you in any way.

“A picture is worth a thousand words, but an online casino is worth at least 2,000. “ - Casinocountdown.com

Our Base Principles

All guides, casino reviews and ranking lists are prepared according to our basic principles.

  • Integrity: At the end of the day, it’s our reputation on the line. What we do is not affected by external influences.
  • Honesty: If something does not smell right, we will point it out.
  • Function over Form: The information we provided has to be of value and of use. Complex tables are avoided where not needed.
  • Relevance: Casinos usually have a special affinity for several markets only. We prepare the reviews from the players’ point of view located in those regions.
  • Professional Competence and Due Care: As the industry grows and evolves, so does our team of experts. It is only by continuous improvement that we can stay relevant in the online gaming community.